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Babysitters 2 Contest Results

The votes are all in and the winning entries have been selected in the Babysitters 2 Photo Caption Contest. The top captions are listed below for you to enjoy.

Winners receive a signed Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack of Digital Playground’s “Babysitters 2″ courtesy of Digital Playground.

Congratulations to the winners. Your outstanding wit has now been rewarded.

Thanks to all who entered and those who voted for making this the most successful contest yet on There will be more coming soon.

Special thanks to the judges for their hard work in choosing the winners.

And of course a big super special thank you to Digital Playground for supplying the prizes, the support and for making “Babysitters 2″ so that we can enjoy these great captions and indulge our naughty babysitter fantasies.

Category Winners

Category 1: Best Digital Playground Reference

Um I’m screwed! My Digital Playground contract never said I had to know how to read!

Category 2: Best Safe for Work Caption for a NSFW Picture

Very important to satisfy everyone’s needs in the most efficient way

Category 3: Best Pop Culture Reference

We’ll do anything for a Klondike bar!

Category 4: Best Reference

OMG! … Rog finally updated his website!

Category 5:
Best Haiku

Sad man looks away
While pretty lady smiles
Lost opportunity

Fan Voting Winners

Applying for a desk position has taken on a whole new meaning.

Hey I’m over here thats the fucking bed post you’re sucking.

What the fuck! Even phone sex lines have been outsourced!

Ma’am, I work for TSA. This is for the safety of our nation!

They always say 2 heads are better than 1.

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