Sin City Leads Asian Anal Invasion’ Special On Set Piece



HOLLYWOOD, CA ” High above the pristine shops along Ventura Boulevard in the well healed suburb of Sherman Oaks California a cute little Asian girl named Leyla Lei applies a generous amount of lube to her lightly browned puckered butt hole. She looks confident, yet vulnerable as she slips her index finger half way up to her knuckle in preparation for a massive anal intrusion that is about to take place in a beautifully appointed multi-million dollar home tucked behind a large gated wall.

With no big equipment trucks to draw a neighbor’s wandering eye, one would never know that some serious sexual debauchery is about to take place just a few feet from the street.

Sex is serious business in Los Angeles and no more serious than when Sin City, the bustling world famous production company that lives up to its name in everyway possible, shoots a movie.

“We’re making a very hardcore movie with beautiful Asian girls who love to get fucked in their asses”, stated the familiar and tenured male performer turned director Alex Sanders. Sin City has appointed this veteran of over 5000 adult movies to create an ass to the wall five scene thriller featuring some of LA’s most seductive young Asian babes.

“We’ve put together some of the finest women on the planet for a complete Asian anal assault”, barked the rugged director as he adjusted the lighting basking down on a casual couch.

If you didn’t know any better, at first glance, Alex Sanders would seem to be more of an outdoorsman capable of pedaling a bicycle up a mountain or paddling a canoe down a raging river in a Colorado setting than that of a serious porn director.

Dressed casually in shorts, and a t-shirt with long pulled back curly hair, this director knows exactly what he wants from the gorgeous babes who sit just a few feet away getting their hair and make-up finely tuned by Charlene, one of adult’s most worked stylists.

Leyla Lei, a tiny sex machine has started her pretty girl photo session on an expansive staircase overlooking the first level of the home. “Spread your ass more”, orders Ben, the still photographer whose sole duty is to take about 500 photos that day of naked women getting sucked and fucked.

Leyla is now laying in a very prone position displayed face down with her head pointed towards the bottom of the stairs and her ass pointed skyward. The still photographer Ben races around as he snaps a flurry of digital shots capturing this sexy naked pose.

Director Sanders seems to like what he sees and interrupts the shot as he buries his face deep into her crack. Leyla shrieks and bursts into a wide grin as she cries out “oh that feels so gooooood”. Just that fast, Alex is back positioning the camera for the next sex scene a few feet away.

Leyla is soon deep into the scene now as she sucks on the popular penis of the big black stud known as ‘Weed’ who alternates licking her sweet pussy and perfect asshole. Leyla is very enthusiastic and obviously wants to do a great job before she shoves his cock deep inside her.

Some furious fucking and anal thumping take place in a blur of activity as sweat pours from the performers adding to the sticky goo which mixes into the final cumshot for an interesting concoction.

Next up is sex kitten Jana Oso, who hails from the royal country of Brunei and apparently is an extreme lover of dick. Her anal pounding at the hands of Julian St. Jox is sure to satisfy porn lovers worldwide as he glides his big hard cock deep into her soft moist body.

Bent over the side of a sofa, Jana’s ass spreads wide as St. Jox inserts his veteran cock deep into the oh so good looking asshole of this Asian delight. “Fuck me with that big dick”, cries Jana as she wraps her legs around his waist while wiggling her hips in a bucking rhythm taking his cock deep inside her ass.

The scene cums to a climatic end when she eagerly accepts a large load of semen into her open and waiting mouth. “Man that was good”, howled St. Jox as he grabbed a towel heading off for the shower.

A great day for Sin City was the result of this wild shoot which was filled with exotic Asian babes taking huge cocks in just about every hole imaginable.

The neighbors, busy at household chores are simply the wiser for having seen nothing.

Look for many new filthy all-sex movies from Sin City as they continue to give Alex Sanders the reigns to direct more and more ass pounding, thrill by the minute sex scenes.

Look no further than Sin City for fucking the way it’s supposed to be!

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