Dipping Into The Mail Bag.


Dipping into the Mail bag.

InsiderBuzz Writes
Rog, why do you keep posting pictures and messages from Skeeter and Bridgette? You must know that they hate you, so why would you promote their site? It makes you look like a chump.”

Rog Replies:
I don’t “know” that Skeeter and/or Bridgette hate me. We have had words in the past, but I don’t hold grudges. I promote a lot of sites and I don’t necessarily have to be best friends with the people who send me PR. I post the pictures because I think that the readers will like them. If it sends people to Bridgette’s site, great. I wish both of them success and always have. I will continue to post things from just about anyone who writes in, you included. If Skeeter hates me, so be it. If he sends me pictures of girls, I’m going to post them. I don’t think that makes me a chump. A perv maybe, but not a chump. PS- I have included the latest BKMAX.com picture just for you.

Anton Writes:
Hey Rog, great site. What is the deal with Lexington Steele? Does he have a deal yet? When might we see new movies from him?

Rog Replies:
Thank you for the kind words. I haven’t actually spoken to Lex since Vegas so I don’t have the scoop on that. I hear that he has stuff shot and that it will be out soon, but your guess is as good as mine as far as where he will end up. In fact, I’ll take this opportunity to let Lex know that he should drop me a line or give me a call. People want to know and I’m here to listen Lex.

FanBoy1 Writes:
Hey Roger. You have been talking for a month about this new girl Teagan, but we haven’t seen your interview with her. Has she done any movies yet? Do you have any pictures of her? If she is as hot as you say she is, shouldn’t we be seeing her all over the place?

Rog Replies:
Trust me FanBoy, she does exist and she is freaking perfect. I saw her on a box cover from Red Light this week and as soon as I get the DVD, I will be reviewing it for you. In the meantime, you can see some pictures of Teagan in my AEE report/gallery. Enjoy her and get ready to be sick to death of hearing me gush about her. Oh and if anyone is reading this who talks to Teagan, tell her that she owes us some Rog Rules shots in the T Shirt I gave her in Vegas.
JonB619 Writes:
Yo Roger. How come you have stopped writing about politics and issues? You teased us with a few posts and then stopped chiming in on the most important issues of the day. Don’t leave us hanging man. Your site is more than who fucked who in what stroke flick.

Rog Replies:
I apologize for that. Not everyone appreciates the political banter and opinion offered on this page. Since you asked, I will weigh in the ultra-important issues from the past month or so. Those of you with thin political skin may want to turn away now. You have been warned!!

-I think that Ben is actually better off without J-Lo. I know it sounds crazy, but he still has some good work in him, but she’s on the down side of her career. (And already with someone else.)

-Ken on the other hand is totally screwed. Now that Barbie has uncovered the truth about his long standing ‘friendship’ with GI Joe, he is out on his ass. He will be lucky if he keeps his job doing body double work for Ted McGinley.

-As far as I’m concerned Janet Jackson can take her boob out and show it to me whenever she wants. Doing it on a national broadcast is a different story though. It was inappropriate and producers should do what they can to assure viewers that no such display will happen again. On that note, I think that Levitra ads should also not be forced upon the viewing public. I can understand parents who don’t want to explain why Justin ripped Janet’s top off, but does anyone really want to have to explain to their thirteen year old son why a twelve hour erection is both rare and painful? Why burst his bubble so early?

– I know that a lot of people are concerned with Nater running, but really I don’t it. OK, he’s big and he led the league in rebounding once, but come on. How far can I guy named Sven get in the general election? (Yes, I know NaDer who is running, but I’ll still give ten Rog points to anyone who gets this joke.)

I hope that covers the major event of the past month or so and satisfies your demand for something beyond the usual fuck & suck.

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