Bisexual Britni Buys Adult Hotel


When I left adult movies, I knew I was seeking a particular business venture to invest in and be part of. Business opportunities have come and gone and aside from a couple sandwich franchises (to remain nameless), I simply never found what I was looking for. I knew I wanted to participate, as an owner, in some sort of adult themed recreational facility such as Hedonism III or the Mon Chalet, here in Denver. Of course, hotels such as Hedonism III are entirely too expensive and the Mon Chalet here in Denver was simply not for sale.

Then, several months ago, I attended what I consider to be the very best Adult (swinger’s) club, not only in California, but likely, the entire United States. That club was LACouples ( Not only was LACouples amazing in it’s amenities, the people who owned and ran it were the most down to Earth, true, honest people I had ever met. They accepetd me as damm near part of the family after only one meeting. Being around these people always put me at ease and it was refreshing spending time with people as open about sex and alternative relationships as I was. Lynn, John and Cyndi are likely the finest people I have ever met in the so called “lifestyle”.

John and I spoke at great length about going into business with one another. When an opportunity arose to buy a hotel, as a joint venture, I jumped on it. Of course, as my luck would be, this hotel was the dream property I had always dreamed about.

I am proud to say that AquaFinity ( is now open for business and well on it’s way to being the premier, local California, alternative to Hedonism. “Hedonism without the airfare”, I heard it quoted. AquaFinity is only about an hour outside Los Angeles near Palm Springs.

I am not going to take a great deal or space here talking about the hotel as the website really describes the amenities, rates, room types ect, very well. What I do need to point out is that AquaFinity is a clothing optional, lifestyle friendly resort for couple and ladies, only. Of course, the naturally heated mineral water is the coup de grace. The mineral make up and tempaeratures of the natural mineral water are covered on the website. It is safe to say that the water is the true draw of AquaFinity. (Of course, the naked women helps some too.)

Of course, I want to make sure my first love, adult movies and the directing and production of said movies does not go unnoticed. AquaFinity is a world class shooting location that offers the ability to shoot great, outdoor, poolside scenes without fear of being seen, discovered or harassed. The one hour trip to AquaFinity is worth the trip and pays for itself, especially if your looking for a set for a full day or more.

If you are looking for a new lifestyle haunt, come see us at AquaFinity. We believe we have really solved the equation of secluded but accessible. Lifestyle but not clique and sexy but not raunchy.

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