Calling All Winners


UPDATE: OK guys, I need a way to get in touch with a few of the winners. Taylor Rain, Mike John and someone from Diabolic. Anyone reading care to drop me a line or drop them a line and tell them to call/write me…that would be great.
Here they are folks, the Rog Reviews award trophies for this year. You already know who won and now I’ve got all of the hardware ready to pass out. With no fancy awards ceremony or six hour broadcast for the winners to accept their trophies, this will have to do. Consider this your wake up call everyone. If you are a winner and would like to make a “speech” drop me a line and I’ll put it up. If you want to thank the voters, the fans, and your mother or to give a Michael Moore-esqe speech, the floor is yours. If you would like to send in photos as a special thank you to the fans, feel free. Consider this your moment to bask in the glory of your 2003 Rog Reviews Fan Fave and/or Critic’s Choice Award. I will also need you addresses so I can send you this fine piece of hardware that you worked so hard to earn. (After you get it, pictures with your trophy in or out of your Rog Rules T-shirt would be a wonderful addition to this site.) A final note before I go over the winners again. If anyone knows how to get in touch with the winners, please let them know that I am waiting to hear from them. I know many of the winners and will contact them, but I have no contact info for a few and I am not even sure if they are aware that they won.
And now your winners.

The 2003 Rog Reviews Fan Faves are…

Best Female Performer: Taylor Rain (If anyone has Taylor’s info, please pass a note along to her. Last year she won an RRFF as Best Newbie and had no clue about this site.)

Best Male Performer: Rocco Siffredi (Rocco may be out of the country, so perhaps I should send his trophy to the Evil Angel offices? Tricia you can pose with Rocco’s award if you can’t get him to do it.)

Best Newbie: Amee Donavan. (I’ve already got Amee’s address so perhaps she will grace us with a couple of shots when her trophy arrives in the mail next week.)

Best Director: Jules Jordan. Come on Jules, there should be a whole shelf of these babies on display in your movies. Unless you have broken them like last year. (I can send this one to the Evil Angel offices or directly to you Mr. Jordan, it’s up to you.)

Best Company: Evil Angel. (Obviously I know where this one should go, I just need to know if gets sent with others or solo.)

The 2003 Rog Reviews Critic’s Choice winners are….

Best Female Performer: Aurora Snow (Where do I send it Aurora? I’m sure we can’t wait for new pictures after the awesome shots you took two years ago. I wonder who has more of these things, you or Jules.)

Best Male Performer: Erik Everhard (I can mail this one or we can hold off until we have that sit down with Mike John and a few beers. Your call.)

Best Newbie: Loni (I need to hear from you so I can get your address)

Best Director: Joey Silvera (Again, to the man directly or to the company.)

Best All-Sex Movie: Lewd Conduct 16 (I have trophies for Diabolic and for Mike John on this one, so I need to hear from both.)
Best Feature: The Opera (Tom Zupko, where are you???)

Best DVD: The Fashionistas (Another Evil Angel trophy to be sent.)

So that’s it. Here are the pictures; you have your list of winners now we just have to find out who is reading and who needs a wake up call.

Thanks everyone and let’s hope that we get some great shots to enjoy. I’ll see you again next year.

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