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Since I am not sure how long I will be at Disneyland tomorrow I guess I should ramble on just a bit.

A few of you have written in asking me who I interviewed this year at AEE. Here is the complete list. Devon, Jesse Jane, Nic Andrews, Robby D, Joone, Lucy Thai, Teagan, Scarlet, Victoria, Candace Jackson, Nautica, Shyla, Roxy & Katsumi. They will be up a few at a time as quickly as I can.

I also reviewed a couple of good movies today. Look for them tomorrow as well. Black on Black 6 has some very hot looking new women and Jules Jordan’s Ass Worship 5 is an A+. If you like Tiffany Mynx, buy it before you even read the review. It’s his best movie in a long time.

What else….I watched the rest of season 1 of “The Critic” today and it’s still making me laugh.

Before I gave in to reality-tv tonight, I flipped onto Bill Mahr’s HBO show. Is he really the best they could do to replace Dennis Miller? Yikes. He had a little piece with Michael Moore on that was just nauseating. How long is Mike going to milk the “I’m a fat slob/man of the people” bullshit? Does anyone believe he is anything more than a rich Hollywood elitst who sells poplism, working class values and ‘eat the rich’ politics to people who just don’t quite get it. (Remember the immortal words of Johnny Rotten…”Do you ever feel like you’ve been swindled? Like you’ve been cheated?” Well if you buy into Mikey’s act, then you have.) Anyway, Mike was on there talking about his endorsement of Wesley Clark…..can we stop laughing yet? How does he make the leap from Nader to Clark? It is the politics of personal hatred. So far, it is all anyone has to offer this election cycle. Even people I respect are doing it. It just makes me laugh because it’s the Clinton-bashing right wingers flipped upside down. I have news for you Mike…and Bill…and Sen. Kerry…and Gov. Dean…and you know who you are….when you do it, it is just as stupid as when the anti-Clinton people did it. Sorry, a bit of a rant there. I just love watching Moore sell his convictions right down the river because he knows he is on the wrong side of the issues. Keep hoping and praying for bad things to happen. That’s all you’ve got. Keep cheering as the bodies pile up, keep wringing your hands at the economic upturn…..doom and gloom will help you politically and if it hurts us…well who cares right? You have yours, fuck the rest of us.

Frankly I would rather things go well for the country, but I suppose I’m just missing the big picture. Who needs prosperity when there are petty, personal axes to grind….

I’m off to bed, too much good stuff in life to waste any more thought on haters…..

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