Holy Shit


OK, so I did some digging about that email I got earlier. Carlie already announced her awards and holy freaking butterfly ballots Batman, I won! Well, sort of.

From Porn Blography.

Handsomest Industry Web Writers:

Roger T. Pipe

Runner up: Jason Sechrest

I actually won this one, but I removed myself from the race because a) it’s my damn site, so voters shouldn’t be kissing my ass like that, and b) I don’t know that I’d describe myself as handsome. Alluring, maybe. Handsome, no.

Well OK, thanks. Whoever votes…..shall we just assume you need your eyes checked, or did you all really like that South Park picture that Mike South rigged up for me years ago?
THIS JUST IN Rumor has it that Tod Hunter from Tod-Hunter.net has launced an investigation into the voting and has indicated a possibly conspiracy led by Karl Rove to hand the award to me.

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