Random Silliness


I’m just back from Vegas and still recovering from the ADT Party so the news stories are in the works. However, here are a few random, non-porn thoughts for a Monday morning.

That little surfer girl who had her arm taken by a shark competed over the weekend just five months after losing a limb. I don’t know about any of you, but that is both inspiring and depressing. I guess I can’t complain too much the next time it’s hard to write because of a headache. What an amaazing kid she is.

Madonna supported a Presidential candidate for the first time ever. I know, that’s the biggest ‘who cares’ story of the week, but can anyone explain why she would pick Wesley Clark? Has she listened to the guy? His message is about at muddled as her accent though so perhaps it really does make sense.

From the sports desk, this just in. I missed an awesome week of playoff football. Damn it!

And….the Angels nabbed Vladimir Guerrero? Where did that come from? Wow. Vlad, Glaus, Anderson, Salmon, Gullien, Kennedy….these guys are going score mad runs. Now if Texas will just ship A-Rod to Boston so we can bring in Nomar there may be joy in Anaheim this year.

Porn news coming soon….AEE round up, some pictures, the ADT party, a Jules Jordan story and…….Rog’s new crush……


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