CBS’s Big Brother 3 has 2 that will get nasty!


Porno Dave from http://www.JizzBiz.TV
wrote in with this big scoop.
Well this is a scoop! My sources have told me that this year’s two
hotties, Tonya, the huge breasted mom from Las Vegas – and Chiara, that slutty
acting exhibitionist – from CBS’s Big Brother 3 television series are going to
appear together nude and reenact some of their tawdry going-ons in the
January issue of Playboy!

That’s right all you pre-pubescent boys. Drop that Maxim Magazine and
pick up Playboy to spank your monkey!

Now, it isn’t anything new that girls from CBS TV shows end up in
Playboy, but this has been confirmed with Chiara being overheard at the wrap
party talking about the issue. AND NO ONE ELSE HAS TALKED ABOUT IT! Take that
Howard Stern!

Now I wonder if Roddy stills wants to dip his stick in her.

“The Jizz Biz…always bringing the mainstream back into porn and the
gutter where it belongs!”

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