Minor Rant


You know after 3000 reviews there are just a few things that still bug me.
I know that hate mail is part of the game, cool. I don’t mind that at all. My reviews are my opinions and they won’t always match up with what other people want to see. I get it and 99% of the readers get that as well.
What does bug me though is this attitude that some people are being picked on. I won’t name names because I don’t want to go that way right now. However, there are some people in the biz who seem to think that I single them out.

When I don’t like a certain sex act, I don’t ignore it in some while blasting it in others. The people I like and respect in this business understand that. Jules Jordan doesn’t whine when I don’t like some stuff he does. Mike John doesn’t get bitchy when I critize something of his. Lex and Erik don’t get their panties in a bunch when I talk about how close they get in some scenes.

If I don’t like someone on screen, I comment on it. Ed Powers, Alexa Rae, etc. Those people have a legitmate gripe, but some of stuff I get makes me shake my head. When someone is so different in person and email,but then feels the need to puff up and talk shit in forums or newsgroups it makes me kind of want to rant.

For someone to question my professionalism just because he feels picked on or that I haven’t kissed his ass enough is insulting.

I would think that people would be a little less two-faced, a little more mature and a little less thin-skinned.


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