Elaina St. James Shares Shocking Results of AI Influencer Experiment



Elaina St. James Shares Shocking Results of AI Influencer Experiment



You may have noticed AI Influencers popping up on Social Media platforms over the past few months.  Some have quickly grown followings in the hundreds of thousands.  Popular influencer and OnlyFans sensation Elaina St James was intrigued by the phenomenon and started researching this trend, including the software used to create these controversial and realistic images.  She soon entered one of the most argued and controversial subjects in popular culture this year – Artificial Intelligence. The difference is that Elaina didn’t just research; she went deep down the “rabbit hole” and created personas with AI Art. She has shared the results and her thoughts on a new YouTube Video “AI Experiment – The Results Were Shocking!!”


Elaina’s unique approach involved learning the methods to create different types of creators. Her experience marketing her own highly successful brand guided her to craft looks and persona’s most likely to appeal to fans online.  As an older creator who began her online journey at age 54, she had long wondered if a 40-year-old Elaina or a 20-year-old Elaina would have had similar success or perhaps more in today’s competitive social media landscape.  Using AI, Elaina could, in essence, “turn back time” and gain insight.  She introduced five model “influencers” with a variety of ages, hair colors, and body types to Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. This was not just a simple experiment but a groundbreaking one. The question remains: which AI Influencer was most successful?


More than an experiment, the results became a significant exploration into the culture of social media, branding, marketing, and AI. What makes a successful social media content creator, and why?  Is it all about the perfect model, or is there something more?  Would a young, curvy blonde gain more attention than a brunette 40-year-old Mom creator?  Would a perfect body do better than one that had a few extra pounds? The findings of this experiment may challenge the conventional wisdom on what it takes to be a successful content creator and the unlikely advantages some creators possess.  Her findings have a


Elaina St. James has been recognized as a trailblazer and role-model in the Age and Body Positivity movement by industry writers, fellow creators, and fans. From her massive success in independent production to her innovative podcast that introduces guests in a different light, Elaina aims to tackle subjects and showcase creative people in a fresh, thought-provoking way.


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Elaina St. James, known as ‘That Mom, ‘ is a social media influencer, podcaster, author of How To Date Hot Older Women, and designer of a line of  “Better With Age” merchandise promoting age positivity. In 2021, Elaina skyrocketed in popularity as a 50+ model on social media platforms, showcasing her natural curves and bubbly personality. With millions of views across Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube, Elaina’s story has been seen on Yahoo! News, with features in Business Insider, Newsweek, Huffington Post, Newsweek, and countless domestic and International media outlets and podcasts.  In 2023, her podcast, Chat N Laugh with Elaina St. James, was nominated by AVN for Best Adult Podcast. 

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