Adult Time Offers Consent Video Tutorial and Guide for Creators


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Adult Time Offers Consent Video Tutorial and Guide for Creators

Adult Time announces the release of a new consent video tutorial and guide aimed at enhancing the professionalism and respectfulness of set environments – up now at

This resource, developed in collaboration with Adult Time Ambassadors, aims to serve as an invaluable tool for producers and content creators with a detailed framework for conducting consent meetings that ensure that all parties involved in a production understand project details, establish clear boundaries and emphasize the importance of informed consent in order to maintain the highest standards of safety and respect in the industry.

Key Highlights of the Guide Include:

Establishing the Production: The tutorial begins with a structured introduction to the production, ensuring that all performers are informed about the project’s name, date, and whether the consent meeting will be recorded. It also addresses the importance of obtaining explicit consent for any promotional use of the discussion.

Setting the Scene: Producers detail the specific activities and storyline elements of the scene, ensuring that all performers acknowledge and understand the requested performances.

Defining Boundaries: A consent checklist is used for performers to specify their boundaries regarding various themes, language, and specific acts. This segment emphasizes the critical role of communication in maintaining a respectful and safe environment.

Aftercare Preferences: The guide discusses the importance of aftercare, encouraging discussions about performers’ preferences for amenities, comforts, and food after the scene.

Reiterating Commitment to Consent: The guide underscores that consent is an evolving process, with producers and performers agreeing to ensure a secure and respectful setting where everyone feels heard and safe.

Adult Time offers talent assistance via its Ambassador program with Lauren Phillips, Siri Dahl, Leana Lovings, Lexi Luna, Casey Calvert, Emma Rose, Seth Gamble, Isiah Maxwell and Tommy Pistol, who can help new performers with advice and personal perspectives on Adult Time’s exceptional production standards.

Visit Adult Time’s Performer Center and learn more about the Adult Time platform, offering over 430 channels, 64,000 scenes, and 8+ new releases per day, along with unlimited access to our streaming platform’s catalog of quality award-winning content.

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