Baddies 9

Baddies 9

Movie Type: Vignette
163 Mins
WEBSITE: www.blacked,com
THEMES: Big Cocks, Cheating, BBC, Interracial Sex, Outdoor Sex

STARS: Alyssia Kent, Katrina Colt, Kylie Rocket, Milena Ray, Anton Harden, Darrell Deeps, Jack Rippher, Richard Mann


Baddies pairs hot women in need with some dudes with big black cocks. Thankfully, what they need is a whole lot of big black cock which makes things turn out well for all involved including the audience. There are some standout scenes in a movie that knows its lane and sticks to it perfectly. Katrina Colt knows where to get the kind of deep, hard fucking she craves. Richard Mann gives her all she can handle in a scene that is perfectly shot, beautifully paced and super hot. Kylie Rocket continues a storyline from a pervious volume. She works closely with well hung models and just can’t resist. She risks her reputation and her career to take a ride on Anton’s super-sized pussy pleasing pogo stick. The Alyssa Kent scene has such a complete backstory that it almost feels like it could be part of a really good feature about a wedding and lots of hot sex. We get a taste of it in another fine scene. Moving outdoors for the finale, Milena Ray proves that there is more than just beautiful scenery to be found at the beach. With lots of hot sex, good eye candy and scenarios that are quite engaging, this Baddies volume stands out as one of the best.

Katrina Colt & Richard Mann

Katrina Colt goes to see Dr. Mann. What does she need? Well she has a huge ring on her finger and she needs a big black cock injection apparently. They retire to someplace private where she strips down to bra and panties and gets her mouth full of his bedside manner. While stroking him with both hands, she fills the air with a litany of dirty talk as she confesses her desire for his sizable meat. Great hot talk and BJ action here to really heat things up. Katrina climbs up on top and lets him pump every inch up into her tight pussy. When she spins around to face the camera, she does more of the work, grinding her hips and showing off excellent skills. Watching her get on her back and grind up on his dick adds to the desperate energy she brings to the table. They finish up with a big load on her face. There is so much to love about this scene.

Kylie Rocket & Anton Harden

Kylie has been hired by Rachael to help her with her art. Rachel’s last assistant couldn’t keep her hands and other body parts off of the models. Kylie tries for one shoot with Anton, but there is no way she can resist. She immediately falls in lust with his size and when he offers to let her touch it, she gives in. That big thing goes right into her mouth and she savors the head with some seriously fine tongue action. He fills her mouth and guides her head up and down on his long shaft. Great shots of her face as she lovingly strokes and sucks on his monster dick. She may well lose her job, but Kylie’s expression tells us that it is already worth it. He finally pulls her on top and lets her pussy stretch around him. They take it slow at first, but Kylie wants to feel those deep strokes. He shows her just how far he can go and she rubs herself silly. He gives her a rest to let her suck his cock clean before rolling her back over and dropping the hammer. She rides him until he blasts a load up into her pussy, then lets it drip onto his cock and body so she can lick it clean.

Alyssia Kent

Lovely Alyssia Kent causes trouble at her brother’s engagement party when she hooks up with a hot guy who has apparently also banged the bride to be. She smiles as she gets his big cock out of his pants and into her mouth. She looks stunning as she slips out of her clothes and is naked on the bed for him. He continues to work her mouth before lifting her legs and sliding into her tight pussy. He rolls her over for doggy and she reaches back to pull him in deeper. Very nice shots, but her energy is what steals the show. He keeps her stuffed and rains down cum all over her pretty face

Milena Ray

For the final scene, Milena Ray gives us a bit of bikini tease in the ocean before the scene starts. She is still wearing it when she strolls over to interrupt a phone call. The lovely house is for sale, but she is going to distract the owner by luring him to the beach. They strip down and she sucks him off right on the sand. As luck would have it, she also has a small mattress laid out so she can get on all fours and let him slide that long dick right into her wet hole. Beach sex is always hot to me and this scene has plenty going for it other than the beautiful setting. Milena looks stunning in reverse cowgirl with the camera moving in for tight shots of her pussy sliding up and down his fat cock. He pulls out and paints her pretty face with a big load of cream.

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