Blacked Raw V75

Blacked Raw V75

Movie Type: Vignette
147 Mins
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Hotwife, Big Cocks, BBC, Gang Bang

STARS: Anton Harden, Don Sudan, Dwayne Foxxx, Freddy Gong, Hollywood Cash, Jack Rippher, Jax Slayher, Kelly Collins, Richard Mann, Sia Lust, Stacy Cruz, Summer Jones


With seventy five volumes in the series, the BlackedRaw movies have a very distinct style and vibe. It is clearly working because they keep making them and a number of lines have imitated the look and feel. This movie brings us four lovely women who find themselves face to face with big cocks. There are basic setups to add to the style, but the sexual energy is what shines through. For Summer Jones, a special date night includes a gang bang to fulfill her fantasy. Sia Lust gets a late night booty call and can’t wait to get stuffed. Kelly Collins turns a random meet into some public foreplay and then a fantastic one on one scene. Stacy Cruz follows that one up with an even better tryst in the finale. This is a very solid volume with three one on one scenes that start hot and get increasingly better as well as one hotwife gangbang that really sets the tone.

Summer Jones

Sexy blonde wife Summer Jones is anxious to go out with her man. He tells her that he has a surprise for her. A surprise beyond the camera he is pointing at her apparently. She slips on a blindfold and is led to a chair. Summer suddenly feels hands all over her body and realizes that her husband has gifted her with her ultimate sexual fantasy, a gang bang. After a few moments of sucking with the blindfold on, she takes it off and goes nuts on the circle of dick surrounding her face. Her hands stay busy on cocks and between her own legs as she gags herself on long hard poles. They bend her over and start fucking her hard. She responds by talking dirty while taking every inch they have to shove into her. The guys take turns, switching out after a few hard strokes and keeping her filled with hard black dick. Eventually one of them slides underneath to fill her ass while they hold her legs up for easy DP access. Really good close up shots of the penetration as she gets stretched while keeping her mouth quite busy. When the guys start cumming, they aim for her face while she talks dirty. Big shots cover her face by the time the whole thing is over. Summer got exactly what she wanted and so did every guy in the room.

Sia Lust

Sia Lust gets a call late at night. She has stuff to do the next day, but is still up for an after hours booty call. Settling in quickly, she puts her mouth on his cock and slurps up the juices as she slobbers his knob. Once it is good and wet, it slides right into her pussy so she can work her hips and make every inch disappear. Great ass shots here. She flips over and spreads wide to let him pump deep into her wet pussy. As things get more intense, she grabs her ankles and pulls them back, giving us a great view. If you like really hard pounding action and good shots of the penetration, this scene has loads of both to enjoy. She follows that up by sucking and stroking loudly on his huge dick. They finish off with a creampie after she requests that he cum inside of her.

Kelly Collins & Jack Ripper

Kelly Collins literally runs into Jack in a pedestrian tunnel. They decide to try some risky fun as she sucks his cock right there for a moment or two. Retiring to a hotel room, she has better oral access to his cock and enjoys every inch. Nice hand action here as she opens wide and gets his wet from tip to base. She is ready to fuck and he is happy to oblige. Rolling Kelly onto her back, he pushes her legs up and fills her pussy with deep thrust from his big cock. She is very vocal about how much she loves it, adding some hot audio to the already smoking images. Not sure how you guys feel about women with rocked abs, but Kelly is working a whole twelve pack between her hips and perky tits. He flips her over and while she continues to talk dirty, he pounds away, pulls her hair and gives her exactly what she is begging for. She never slows for a single moment and rides him until he shoots his load deep into her pussy. This scene is really worth watching.

Stacy Cruz

With some public tease and a bit of semi-public naughtiness to get things warmed up, Stacy Cruz is off to a hot start on her date with Freddy. They decide to get naked and hop into a jacuzzi to continue the festivities. Stacy is in the water sucking on that big cock while they try not to get caught. Finally retiring to their bedroom, they get a chance to go all out. She opens her legs and points her toes to the sky while he gets her wet. Stacy is quite vocal and rides hard while he fills her up. The enthusiasm matches the eye candy and she loves being loud. After sucking him clean, she climbs up for reverse cowgirl. After getting slammed good and hard she dismounts and rubs herself silly while tasting her juices. I am amazed at the chemistry and energy on display in this scene. Stacy is a fantastic performer and ends up sucking a huge load from his dick for a perfect finish. Do not skip this scene. It is one of the best I have seen in a while.

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