Drip 4

Drip 4

Movie Type: All Girl
103 + Mins

WEBSITE: www.slayed.com
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Eye Candy, Toy Play, Ass Eating

STARS: Eliza Ibarra, Gizelle Blanco, Alexis Tae, Winnifred Slurry, Vanna Bardot, Scarlett Alexis, Red Fox, Sophie Sparks


When it comes to all-girl porn, Slayed does with big stars, eye candy and a whole lot of tongue action, especially in the backdoor region. If that seems a little specific, it might be. But it also works. The star power of these movies is outstanding and they look amazing. The hair, make up, wardrobe and sets match the lovely ladies. Vanna Bardot and Alexis Tae (in separate scenes) are perfect examples of star power in this volume. They both look great and engage in some hot lesbian sex. My favorite scene is the opener. Eliza Ibarra always does it for me. She is fucking gorgeous and really uses her tongue nicely on Gizelle Blanco’s lovely body. If you like eye candy lesbian sex, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Eliza Ibarra & Gizelle Blanco

If you are going to start a movie about pretty women having sex with other pretty women then making Eliza Ibarra the start of the opening scene is a pretty great idea. She is stunning and just so much fun to watch. Gizelle Blanco isn’t half bad either and these two cute brunettes share a pretty serious naked make out session to get us going. As they work their mouths downward, Eliza has her pretty friend spread wide open and ready to feel her tongue between her parted thighs. Seeing Eliza’s pretty face as she laps up Gizelle’s juices is bound to catch your attention and the chemistry between these two women only adds to the hot visuals. They sit side by side and finger one another in some of the hottest looking footage of the movie. Ending the action with a long kiss, they close out a scene that is going to be tough to top. Damn Eliza Ibarra is a fucking hottie.

Alexis Tae & Winifred Slurry

Winnifred Slurry and Alexis Tea do their teasing in the water, but over a bed when the fun starts. Really nice breast play as a warm up. Alexis works her pretty friend’s nipples like she means business. As the tongue moves further down, Winnafred moves up on top and rides Alexis’ face for a bit. Nice ass eating by Winnafred who licks Alexis’ butt while we get a completely stunning view of those firm, gorgeous cheeks. Both women are enthusiastic but Alexis is really kind of stealing the show for me. She goes some great finger work and feeds Winnifred her own juices. Then Alexis goes for some stunning looking ass eating, making out with her friend’s butthole like she never wants to stop. They break out a double headed dildo and work on each other. Very nice finish to a fun scene.

Vanna Bardot & Scarlett Alexis

Working their way into my heart right away thanks to some very sexy bikini tease are Vanna Bardot and Scarlett Alexis. Sadly (on some level) the bikinis are gone when they make it to the bedroom and start kissing. The kissing continues as they work their way down and add some finger fucking to the play. Vanna rolls Scarlett onto her stomach and turns her oral attention to the backdoor. Hot ass licking as usual. Scarlett enjoys the treatment and returns the favor before climbing on top and riding Vanna’s face. They get some foot play in the mix, making sure that their mouths really do cover just about every inch of each other. They grind together beautifully, having fun and putting on an amazing show.

Red Fox & Sophie Sparks

Red and Sophie start out kissing in bikinis. I love this kind of tease and watching them at poolside making out has me very interested. They strip each other and start licking their pretty pussies. They keep playing with their tennis shoes on until it is time to get into bed. This time the bed is outside so we still get the lovely pool and beautiful backdrop. There is good chemistry between the two women and the action includes some gentle touching that really adds to realism. I also can’t stop loving the outdoor setting. It just adds to everything good about this scene. They spend a lot of time in 69 and then gently kissing one another after they have both had their fill of erotic climaxes.

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