Heavy Hitters Vanna Bardot & Blake Blossom Get Parasited

Heavy Hitters Vanna Bardot & Blake Blossom Get Parasited
(Budapest, Hungary) The latest scene alternative world site Parasited, parasited.com, where parasites take over hot babes’ bodies, pairs two heavy hitters together—Vanna Bardot makes her debut, and Blake Blossom returns for her second scene.
Directed by Ricky Greenwood, “Peculiar Gifts” opens with Blake Blossom inquiring if Vanna Bardo will be signing the contract. As soon as Vanna signs, Blake gives Vanna a gift. Vanna opens the box to see a slimy worm. Disgusted and frightened, she asks Blake to get it away from her. Not scared at all, Blake picks it up and pets the worm while Vanna takes on one of her high heels and holds it in her hand like a weapon. Blake accidentally drops the worm on the floor. When Blake picks it up again, it makes a beeline into her mouth, possessing her.
Blake had known about the worm’s power all along and would have it infect Vanna after she signed the papers. But karma comes into play, and the worm infects Blake instead. After being fully engulfed by the worm’s power, Blake tries to transfer the worm to Vanna, who puts up a fight. Blake decides to go with another plan—she spits out the worm on the desk, forcefully holds Vanna’s head down on the desk, and lets the parasite crawl inside her mouth. Vanna’s possession is swift and leaves her trembling on the floor and spitting out alien goo. Blake gets on the ground with her, starts undressing Vanna, and licks her tits and pussy. The sex games begin, and the two hotties please each other repeatedly, including using the worm as a double-ended dildo, in a full lesbian frenzy brought on by the alien parasite.
“Vanna and Blake’s scene is incredible—the star power and off-the-charts chemistry between the two has made this scene a member favorite. The members are calling Blake ‘phenomenal’ and we’ll have to bring both ladies back for another scene,” says creator/producer Romero, Mr. Alien.
Watch the preview and the exclusive scene and check out the photos from “Peculiar Gifts” at parasited.com/peculiar-gifts.
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