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Movie Type: All Sex
141 Mins
DIRECTOR: Marcus Dupree

THEMES: Anal Sex, Rough Sex, A2M, Squirting

STARS: Karma Rx, Kissa Sins, Naomi Swan, Riley Reid, Markus Dupree


Four scenes with high energy, roughish anal action are presented here for your viewing pleasure. The cast is pretty easy on the eyes and they all handle the backdoor banging well. There is also a lot of squirting for those of you who like it wet. There are some standout scenes, but basically if you like the pace and style offered up by Markus then you will enjoy the flick. I like the tease footage quite a bit. It sets the table and shows off a bit more than just gaping sphincters and ass to mouth. Kissa Sins shows up first and turns in an impressive opening scene. For my money, Riley Reid is hands-down the hottest women in the movie and the best performer as well. She handles his big cock well, looks gorgeous and sets the bar impossibly high for the rest of the women in the movie. That is not to say that they aren’t worth checking out. Naomi Swan is beautiful as ever and does a pretty hot scene. Karma Rx brings amazing energy to her scene. She takes it deep and hard, sprays quite a big and generally proves that she is a very reliable performer. Overall this is a good movie with a can’t miss Riley anal scene for those of you who pick and choose using your VOD minutes.

Kissa Sins & Markus Dupree

The tease sequence in this opener is very nicely shot. It gives Kissa Sins a chance to show off a bit before the action starts. Then we transition to Markus eating her ass in a really fantastic way. Very nice piece of editing and bravo to whoever pulled that off. While he is still behind her, he stands up and starts fucking her butthole from behind. Big gape shots after a few strokes show just how he has opened her up. He flips her over and spreads her legs wide to give us some really hot thigh shots to go along with the penetration. Things go hard from the start and that seems to be the way everyone wants it. After some anal full nelson action, she winks at the camera with her butthole and then does A2M like she loves it. He makes her squirt from time to time, but this is all about the butthole getting blasting. Kissa takes it well, gapes for the camera and then gets her face blasted by his load.

Riley Reid & Markus Dupree

Next up is Riley Reid which means we are in for a treat from the start of the tease until the very end. This young woman is a force of nature and always fun to watch. She shakes her cute little ass in the tease and then opens her mouth for an aggressive round of face fucking to kick off the scene. Nice eye contact as she looks up at him with her mouth full of his meat and then his balls. This is really good oral action and is only a warm up because he has her in his sights. Riley gets bent over and power fucked from behind. Her ass looks so good swallowing his cock and Riley is as energetic as ever. They slide off the couch and she gets on top, riding his dick until he pulls her down onto his face for a while. After another breathless round of head, Riley bends over the counter and takes him in her ass while standing. I like they way they move around the apartment and find places to fuck without ever losing energy. Fantastic anal sex with a lot of finger play to get some squirt shots in between. He finishes up by cumming in and on her freshly fucked asshole. This is one of the best anal scenes I have reviewed in a long time. Great energy, gorgeous eye candy and Riley is a fucking start, period.

Karma Rx & Markus Dupree

With a tough act to follow, Karma Rx does her very best during the tease footage. She shows off her body nicely and I found myself wanting longer tease in this case because it was so well done. Markus has other plans for her though and they begin with Karma on her knees with her eyes wide open and her mouth even more so. He fucks her face and then her tits before moving on the part of the body he is really interested in. She bends over and holds her ass hope so he can slide right into the tight backdoor. Really good close up shots here as he pulls out and watches her make that gaping hole wink. She opens her mouth again and stars up at him with her pretty eyes as she does A2M. Moving to the ground, she sticks her ass high in the air and licks his toes while he goes to work gaping her ass some more. Good hard anal sex as he picks her up and puts her on the couch and pounds away. They finish with a facial and then a squirt shot for good measure.

Naomi Swan & Markus Dupree

Last up is the lovely Naomi Swan. The eye candy we get watching her tease footage is pretty fantastic. As before it could be longer, but once the action kicks off, no one is going to complain. On all fours, she gets eaten from behind and then turns around for her first face fucking (of the day). She looks really good sucking cock and does a second round of A2M after he tries out her asshole. Pulling her on top, Markus holds her legs wide open and lets her grind her hips to take him deep. She leaves her gold heels on and holds her ankles while he opens up her backdoor. After some squirt shots, he turns her over and pounds from behind while she sucks on his toes. Her pussy sprays all over the place every time he stops fucking her and focuses his fingers on her slit. He finishes off by shooting his load into her ass and giving us a final look as she winks.

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