Jules Jordan’s Three-Ways 2

Jules Jordan’s Three-Ways 2


Movie Type: All Sex
154 Mins
Jules Jordan Video
DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan
WEBSITE: Kira Noir & Manuel Ferrara
THEMES: Threesomes, Big Dicks, Asian Women, Bridal Theme, BDSM, Interracial Sex

STARS: Anna Claire Clouds, Vanna Bardot. Emma Rose, Kiara Cole, Kimmy Kimm. Lulu Chu, , Dredd,


This movie (and in fact the series if two movies a series makes) gives us our sex in threes. Threesome action can be super-hot and in this movie they make sure of it. Three of the four scenes feature two women with one lucky guy. The finale flips that for some double dick fun for sexy . We can start with that one. If the single-girl threesome is your favorite flavor, skip to the end and get your fill of the curvy, heavily tattooed, high-energy performer. For the other type of threesomes, we have a trio of intriguing titular triangles to tantalize us. Dredd brings the meat in the opener, feeding it to Vanna Bardot and Anna Claire Clouds. This is what you would expect from a pair of lovely ladies and the biggest dick in the biz. Really good looking scene here and solid performances by all three. Jules Jordan proves once again that it is very good to be the man in charge. In the first of two threesomes starring the director, Emma Rose and Kiara Cole don bridal themed lingerie. That’s a hot fantasy made even hotter by the two lovely ladies who fuck and suck their way through a really hot three-way. Kimmy Kimm and Lulu Chu also make a Jules sandwich in this movie. They are getting even with him for dangling a showcase in front of them. It is a funny set up that leads to great tease and an even better scene. Lulu is a fantastic performer who stands out even next to her very cute, highly energetic partner. This one might be my favorite, but honestly all four scenes are really good. If you like lust triangles, then this is a movie you won’t want to miss.

Anna Claire Clouds, Vanna Bardot & Dredd

To get warmed up for their scene, Vanna Bardot and Anna Claire Clouds get naked and better acquainted before being introduced to Dredd. They head inside and after one look at his cock, are ready for anything. First they double up on that super-sized dick with a pair of eager mouths. Very hot double BJ footage as the girls marvel at his meat. Both of them do a great job, but Vanna stands out for excellent eye contact and for keeping his balls wet while her friend works the head. Vanna earns the first ride on that fat dick and she bounces hard until it all fits inside. Then she starts grinding her hips until Anna pulls it out and sucks it clean. Anna takes her turn and they repeat the action, complete with cock washing BJ. Dredd stacks them on top of each other and takes turns stretching them out from behind. They flip over and do the stacked action He unloads on their faces and the girls do some sexy cum swapping to close out the action.

Emma Rose, Kiara Cole & Jules Jordan

Sexy blondes Emma Rose and Kiara Cole pose and tease in bridal-theme white lingerie. They both look great in their outfits and play with each until Jules makes his way into the action. They get to work sucking his cock, kneeling and trying to swallow every inch. Great looking oral sex that leads into some nice shots from behind then they take turns bending over. Their heels and veils stay on as they take turns fucking him and sucking his cock clean of each other’s juices. I love the way they look at one another while they share his cock. Something very hot about this and it leans heavily into the threesome fantasy. They move to the bedroom so he can fuck one from behind while she eats pussy. He stacks the girls so that they are spooning each other and then moves back and forth between their pussies while they play with each other. They put their faces together at the end to share a nice big cumshot.

Kimmy Kimm. Lulu Chu & Jules Jordan

Lulu Chu and Kimmy Kimm are dressed in matching schoolgirl uniforms. They have a bone to pick with Jules. He has spoken with both of them about a showcase, but to date has not followed up on that. They gag him with tape and start to tie him up so they can show off their talents. After teasing him with their mouths, the girls strip with Lulu spreading Kimmy’s cheeks just inches from Jules’ face. Watching them play is driving him crazy so they finally get him loose to lick them both from behind. With his cock still rock hard, he enjoys their mouth side by side. Great eye contact from both women as they look up at him with their mouths open and tongues out just waiting to have their pretty faces properly fucked. By the time they get fully into the threesome fun, Kimmy and Lulu have stripped down to just their thigh high stockings. Lulu looks especially hot bouncing up and down in Jules’ lap while her friend lends a helping mouth when one is needed. Lots of good energy here and the action never slows because of the way Kimmy and Lulu work together. For the big finish, the girls put their faces together and take a big double facial. They clean him off and drain his balls before sharing a naughty jizz drenched kiss

, Zac Wilde & Jules Jordan

Heavily tattooed and curvy bends over to show off her ample ass during a nicely shot tease sequence. She heads upstairs with the camera following her ass until she meets Jules and Zac at the top. They double up on her bit tits and get her pussy ready with some finger play. She squats between them and works both cocks with her hands and mouth, showing off some expert skills. Connie gets on all fours between the guys and takes a hard pounding from the back. Her mouth stays full throughout as she really seems to enjoy the two on one action. They flip her over and she shows off both her flexibility and her big bouncing knockers while getting railed. She is ready for a double dose of ball batter at the end and holds her tongue out to give them a good target. Nice change of pace for the finale.

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