In Vogue

In Vogue

Movie Type: All Sex
208 Mins
DIRECTOR: Julia Grande
THEMES: Eye Candy, Models, Threesomes, anal sex, interracial sex

STARS: Kelly Collins, Apolonia Lapiedra, Vanessa Alessia, Christy White, Emiri Momota,


This is one of those big production movies that isn’t made as often as they used to be. I miss them frankly. This one reminds me of the old Private movies that were packed wall to wall with beautiful some and for several hours we get to watch a loose story strung together by stunning sex scene. Yes, this one is making me nostalgic while also reminding me that production values are even better these days when companies want them to be. The story involves an aspiring model, Kelly Collins who has to fight and fuck her way to the top. She runs into plenty of horny guys and jealous women along the way, but nothing can stop our sexy heroine. In the opening scene, she shares cock with Apolonia Lapierdra, matching her stroke for stroke in a very hot piece of there-way eye candy. Vanessa Alessia plays one of Kelly’s chief rivals and she provides us with one of the best scenes of the movie. With a cast full of beautiful women, the action never slows down, finally culminating in another white-hot threesome from Kelly. This time she takes on two cocks at once and does so in a way that makes the whole movie come to a giant climax. This is one of the best features of the year thanks to a beautiful cast, hot sex, enough of a story to matter and fantastic production values.

Kelly Collins, Apolonia Lapiedra & Marco Bull

After facing professional rejection, aspiring model Kelly Collins meetings a hot guy. She goes home with him only to find that he has Apolonia Lapiedra waiting. No worries. The beautiful brunette wants a threesome and apparently they are using this as both a pick up and a recruiting tool for models. The two women share his cock, rolling around while licking each other as well. Kelly takes an enthusiastic ride on his big cock while Apolonia lends helping hands on her new playmate’s backside. They switch places and repeat the action with Kelly cradling his balls while kissing Apolonia passionately. fantastic and they set up a nice facial perfectly. This deal seems to be successfully closed. This is a great looking scene with both women getting thoroughly plowed. Kelly has a great moment on her back with that cock slamming her pussy and her new friend shaking her lovely breasts in time with the strokes. They finish with Marco shooting his load all over Kelly’s pussy. Hot start to this movie.

Vanessa Alessia & Vince Karter

While Kelly’s career is starting to take off, Marco is keeping her very happy. She has also caught the jealous eye of fellow model Vanessa. As soon as she sees the new girl talking to Vince, Vanessa moves right in and takes him to the bedroom. He is happy to hop into bed with the lovely brunette. After fingering her, he lets her suck her juices from his hand to see just how sweet she is. Her blowjob is not nearly as long, but quite nice to look at. She uses that beautiful face to keep his cock throbbing. After a quick round of vag, she gets on top and lets him slide his dick into her backdoor. It is a tight fit, but she works her hips beautifully. He spins her around to fuck her ass from behind on the edge of the bed, giving us some of the best backdoor action of the movie. He finishes off with a big shot on her face and we watch the lovely model suck up every drop.

Christy White & Jack Rippher

While the drama between Vanessa and Kelly intensifies, other models continue to work hard. Blonde Christy White is posing for Jack while they wait for Vanessa to arrive. She is late and when she walks in, the thin blonde model already has her legs spread for the photographer’s probing tongue. She rolls over and grabs his thick dick with her hand, working it up and down while she bobs on the head. Once it is wet enough, she mounts him and bounces until her lips stretch enough to take his full strokes. In between positions, she sucks herself off of his meat with greedy oral skills that light up the screen. She rides in reverse cowgirl giving us some hot shot with her legs in the air (and also letting us see that she appears to have a social media handle tattooed to her hip.). He finishes off with a shot on her face.

Emiri Momota & Vince Carter

Nearly caught in some shenanigans, gorgeous model Emiri Momota distracts Vince by asking him to take her somewhere. He does and then he takes her right there. They kiss for a long while, undressing each other as they do. Moving to the couch, she drapes across his lap and get her mouth busy on his dick. Nice full body shots as she sucks him and then mounts up for a ride on his hard shaft. She rolls over on the couch and throws her legs back so he can pump her pussy. Nice shots of him stroking hard enough to make her perky breasts bounce and plenty of shots of her feet flexing if you like that. She is quite lovely and shows plenty of energy while being plowed. They finish this scene with a shot on her face and with Emiri sucking every last drop of cum from his dick.

Kelly Collins, Marco Bull & Vince Karter

In the climactic scene, our heroine joins the other models on the runway. They are finally going to choose the new face of the brand and she brings her A game in the hopes of emerging victorious. They don’t choose Kelly, but that just leaves her free to finally act on her feelings. She takes Vince to a room and they are joined by Marco. “No holding back” she says as she drops down to suck both of their cocks at once. They spin her around to fill her at both ends. Great doggy action as she gets plowed from behind while keeping her mouth busy. Flipping her over, they keep up the intensity as she takes a dick in her ass. There is room for more dick down there so she arches her back and lets them DP her tight holes. They flip her over and even double stuff her in midair for a while. The double facial finish is very strong. Great energy from Kelly and a lot of really nice eye candy throughout this scene.

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