Mistress Mia Darque Talks Kink on WHOREible Decisions


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Mistress Mia Darque Talks Kink on WHOREible Decisions

Las Vegas, NV — Mistress Mia Darque joined Mandii B and Weezy in Sin City for their Adult Entertainment Expo edition of WHOREible Decisions video podcast. The trio discussed the convention, along with DomCon, BDSM, stereotypes in Femdom, dating as a Dominatrix, feminization, limits and more.

As seen on VICE and HBO, WHOREible Decisions is a candid video show working out kinks, talking about sex, dating, fetishes, and advice. Sassy hosts Mandii B and Weezy discuss personal adventures and bring on guests to talk about their experiences and professional advice.

“Guess what!? There is an in between. Sometimes I feel like a nut. Sometimes I don’t. You can switch,” Mistress Mia Darque advised, as Weezy asked if it was ok to sub sometimes and Domme other times in her personal love life. “If you went into the relationship and were like, ‘I want to play sometimes, and you get to be the top, and sometimes, I get to be the top, then sometimes you get to be the bottom, and sometimes, I get to be the bottom.’ That is a switch relationship,” indicating that it was ok and normal to do so.

Mistress Mia Darque, the Oklahoma Amazon, is a towering Dominatrix with over 20 years of experience in the BDSM lifestyle and service to the community. She is an educator at Sanctuary Studios in Los Angeles, serves on the board for DomCon, and performs at kinky events across the country.

During the interview, Darque introduced Mandii B and Weezy to the Perfect 10, a three-foot long paddle wielded at Mistress Cyan’s The Lair at AVN side of AEE in Las Vegas.

“You have a yard, and almost 33 pounds of wood, just sitting on your lap, and look at how you’re touching it,” Darque observed as Weezy daintily held the hefty Perfect 10. Demonstrating top energy, Darque swiftly grabbed the paddle, choked up on the lengthy handle like a baseball bat, and slung the beast onto her shoulder. “Are you gonna get on this floor or am I gonna have to put you on it?…”

“For the public,” Mandii B interrupted. “How would a woman, who’s mostly sub… how would anyone that’s normally a submissive, start inching their way toward domination?”

“Brat,” suggested Darque sharply. “Brat it the fuck up. Brat is what I like to think of as the switch code for switches. Like ‘I’m done being baby now. You go get it!…’ It’s a little bit of push back. Baby steps.”

For more of the interview, along with additional jaw-dropping escapades from Mandii B and Weezy, WHOREible Decisions is available now on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, and you can get an additional access and perks by signing up for their Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/whoreibledecisions. Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fhZH766Mto&t=419s to watch the entire interview with Mistress Mia Darque.

To find out more about Mistress Mia Darque, including updates on her upcoming adventures at events like DomCon Los Angeles, go to https://www.justsayred.com/events.


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