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I’ve been meaning to write more original content for this part of the site for a long time. Press releases are nice, but hey, there is more to say right? As such, I’m going to use some of the great reader mail I get to do a weekly (at least) mailbag update with some of the more interesting mail from the week.
October 12, 2003
E writes:

Hello Roger:
I was glad to find your site, however i could not find some answers i was
looking for. I would like to know if there is any dvd porn filmakers that
make more suitable/tame movies for couples to watch. Im looking for something
that might span from maybe instructional (or tantric) movies to some simple
good, and not far-out disgusting, heterosexual copulation. I want to watch a
movie with my girlfriend that won’t gross her, or me out, yet has good looking
models having hot love,,,,ya know?

Rog Replies
In general, Adam & Eve make great movies for couples. They have some instructional tapes in their library. Digital Playground and Wicked are also excellent for tamer, couples-friendly movies.

D from Downunder Writes

Heh rog

how are you??
I am from Australia and have been reading your reviews/interviews and news
for the last year which I find very entertaining.
I was wondering though if you could do some interviews with some european
starlets like Nikta denise, Monica sweetheart whom are very hot.
just a thought

Thanks again.

Rog Replies

Thanks for the kind words. I am happy that the site is a help to you. I would love to interview Nikita and/or Monica, but the opportunity hasn’t presented itself. As soon as it does, I’ll jump on the chance.

Tats Writes

Hey Rog,

Since you share a birthday with one of my favorite ladies, Solveig I wanted to say Happy Birthday to you (Early I know) for this Friday. I wonder if you have heard anything from Solveig recently? Also, are you expecting any sexy gifts from porn babes this year?

Rog Replies

Thanks for the wishes. Yes, Solveig and I do share the same birthday 10/17, though she is much younger than I am. I haven’t heard much from or about Solveig in a while. I’ll see if I can find out what she’s up to. As for gifts, I don’t expect any, but hey you never know right?

That’s all for now, keep the questions and comments coming.

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