Batgirl’s Conundrum for Sinn Sage Studios

Batgirl’s Conundrum for Sinn Sage Studios

17 Mins
Sinn Sage Studios
THEMES: Super Heroines, Masks, Reluctance, Lesbian Sex
STARS: Alex Coal & Sinn Sage


Batgirl (Alex Coal) is on a mission to find her missing friend Supergirl. She is confronted by the kidnapper (Sinn Sage) and has to do whatever it takes to find out where Supergirl is. Sinn wants a kiss and after an initial refusal, the plucky crimefighter gives in. The intense lip lock is hot, but that is just the opening offer. Sinn wants more and slowly undresses. Alex doesn’t want to do such naughty things, but for “the good of the team’ she gives in and starts sucking Sinn’s stiff nipples. With her legs spread and her fingers rubbing, she gently insists on more from Batgirl. Supergirl needs finding so Batgirl finds herself on her knees licking villain pussy. If Sinn’s moans are any indication, the reluctant lesbian superheroine is a quick learner. Even after cumming a few times, Sinn is not ready to end the game. Before giving up the information she wants to eat some Bat pussy. That wicked tongue has Alex moaning and bucking until she finally has no choice but to give in to the pleasure. Just when she thinks it is over, Batgirl realizes that one of Sinn’s henchmen has come into the room. There is more to do. Sinn sucks his cock, taking him deep while Batgirl watches. There is only one way she is going to find Supergirl. She opens wide to do whatever it takes.
Can’t wait for part two.

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