Natasha Nice in Sticking It to His Bully for

Natasha Nice in Sticking It to His Bully for

43 Mins
Adult Time
THEMES: MILF, Big Tits, Big Asses, Bully, Revenge, Tit Fucking
STARS: Natasha Nice & Ricky Spanish


Ricky shows up at Natasha Nice’s door as part of a fundraiser for his school. When he finds out who her stepson is, he gets really nervous. As it turns out, poor Ricky is having a rough time with a bully and as it turns out, that bully is Natasha’s stepson. He is so shaken that he doesn’t even seem to notice how fucking amazing she looks in her short skirt and revealing top. (That is my job. I noticed and I am telling you all right now. Damn she looks fantastic.) They bond over how much both hate him and Natasha thinks it is time her stepson be bullied and humiliated. What to do? You can see the wheels spinning in her head as she turns her attention to the shy young (but legal, we established that) student. If word got out that Ricky fucked his mom, he would be so demoralized that he would never bully again. She plays the tease pert perfectly, leading him into it slowly. When her tits come out, Ricky gets play with them, burying his face between them as he enjoys them thoroughly, Moving into position, she slips her lips over his cock and starts sucking. When it is good and wet, she squeezes her tits tightly around the shaft and expertly pumps him. He returns the favor by licking her busy and fingering that pussy until she is wet enough for him to slide right in. As she bounces on his dick, her tits bounce incredibly. Wanting a taste, she bends over his lap and lets him fuck her mouth for a bit. He bends her over and slaps her ass while giving it to her good and hard. Pulling out, Ricky shoots all over Natasha’s big mommy ass. She kisses him and reminds us all the revenge is sweet. Stickling it to your bully can be fun apparently.

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