Sakura Tales 2: Cherry Blossom

Sakura Tales 2: Cherry Blossom

Movie Type: All Sex
102 Mins
THEMES: Asian Women, Short Skirts, Schoolgirl Uniform, Solo

STARS: Aliyah, Likit, Kimmy Kahn, Jade Feng, Loni, Lyla Lei, Noami Marela, Sabrine Maui, Jazz Duro, Mark Ashley, Pat Myne, Brett Rockman, Cheyne Collins, Slim Shady, Denis Mari


So, as new screener DVDs become a thing of the past, I have been pulling out some from my collection that somehow didn’t get reviewed upon release. This one is going way, way back. It is from a series I really enjoyed that featured some of the sexiest Asian performers of the early 00’s. The format and style changed a bit over time, but it was always pretty simple. This volume features the cast in school uniforms related wild sexual tales. There is sometimes a bit of solo play before and after the scenes themselves. There are a lot of scenes here and the run time isn’t that long. This leaves us with scenes that often feel a bit light on action. The cast is cute, with a few stand outs. There are also a few who really don’t bring a whole lot of energy to the table. That could be chemistry with some of the male talent as well. There are issues for sure, and this is far from the best in the SK line, but there are some moments that do stand out. Kimmy Kahn finishes strong with a nice facial shot on her pretty smile. Loni manages to shine in a three-way that wasn’t perfect, but still has moments. Lyla Lei and Nyomi Marcela are performers I have always enjoyed. Their scenes are not great here, but they are worth watching. Sabrine Maui stars in the finale. She looks fantastic and gives a scene that is worth sticking around for. This was a fun throwback review. It has a great cast and helps to remind me of how far porn has come. The energy is lacking at times, the editing either leaves too much out or saves us from something less interesting and the chemistry is often lacking. And yet, it’s still got enough moments to make it worth watching.

Aliyah Likit & Slim Shady

Telling a sexy story of a time she hooked up with a stranger, Aliyah Lickit is naked on her bed before the “this one time at band camp” portion of the narrative can finish. He gets her warmed up with his tongue before she returns the favor. She looks good giving head, but is not overly enthusiastic. They start fucking and she looks sexy on top, but there is very little chemisty here. Both performers seem to be going through the motions. It picks up a little bit with doggy, but when she asks for anal, things go flat again. It looks pretty good, it just lacks spark up to and including the shot on her face.

Kimmy Kahn & Jazz Duro

Kimmy Kahn fantasizes about her boyfriend Jazz and his sexy accent. The fantasy fades right into her sucking his cock. Once again we get some nice footage of a cute girl giving head. Kimmy moves her whole body in rhythm with her mouth and looks ready to ride him. Instead we get an awkward cut to more oral fun. Now he is kneeling beside her head, fucking her face while playing with her pussy. This time they cut to fucking with Jazz on top pumping hard. This is a much hotter scene that the first with good chemistry and energetic fucking. The scene ends with a really big popshot that she takes on her cute face.

Jade Feng, Loni & Denis Marti

Jade Feng confronts Loni about having sex with her husband. What could be a horrible situation, turns out OK When JAde takes Loni to bed and they start making out. Both women have lovely breasts and spend some time sucking on nipples and fingering wet, juicy pussies. Jade breaks out a fat strap on that stuffs Loni nicely from behind. Her husband shows up and Loni gets down and dirty with some very good looking head. The action is pretty good, but quite choppy making me wonder if they had to cobble together the good stuff from some flat raw footage. Jade’s energy level is inconsistent and the condom seems to be making it difficult for the guy to stay up. There is some really good natural bouncing boobie footage as both women take turns being fucked. He ends up shooting Jade’s chest so that Loni can lick it up.

Lyla Lei, Pat Myne & Brett Rockman
Lyla Lei is just hanging out on the sidewalk in her schoolgirl uniform. Pat and Brett stop by and want to get to know her better. She agrees, and right out in the open, she just attacks their dicks and starts sucking. She can barely open mouth wide enough to get the heads in, but she tries her best. They suddenly have a blanket so she can throw her legs back and fuck one while sucking the other. After a few strokes of anal, Lyla gets in position for DP, taking them both at once with adequate moaning but little energy. (Honestly it seems a bit too much for her.) They finish up with more anal and then two big loads on her face.

Nyomi Marcela & Chenne Collins

Nyomi Marcela has very little to say before her scene. Then when it starts, she has even less to say to Chenne. No reason to say much when he puts his mouth right where she wants it. In turn Nyomi opens her mouth only to suck his dick. She has always been very pretty and this scene shows that, but she also keeps her eyes closed for much of oral footage and she seems to be a bit checked out. Climbing on top, she bounces in reverse cowgirl but still doesn’t seem to be all that into it. When he bends her over, he fucks hr very hard from behind and the leg shots are pretty hot. They keep up the fast pace until he is ready to stand over her and bust a big, thick nut on her pretty face.

Sabrine Maui & Mark Ashley

Last up is Sabrine Maui. Her story is about a guy she met on the internet. She and Mark hit it off quickly and are ready to settle in for some old fashioned fuck and suck fun. He lifts her skirt and gets her pussy wet with his tongue. She takes her turn, grabbing his thick cock by the base and working her lips slowly on the shaft. She is pretty good at this and provides the best BJ footage of the movie so nautually it is over in less than a minute. Moving on, she pulls her knees up to her chest and gets plowed while still mostly dressed. Mark is a big guy, but that doesn’t slow her down at all. Sabrina finally tiches all but her shoes and socks as she mounts up for a ride on his big cock. They finish up with him on top, pulling out to shoot his load on her chest and face. Sabrine is very cute and this is a pretty solid scene.

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