Vanilla Gaming Company Makes Gaming / Adult Film History with VanillaBeast: Retro Knock-Out!

Vanilla Gaming Company Makes Gaming / Adult Film History with VanillaBeast: Retro Knock-Out!

Blake Blossom, Jewel De’Nyle, Kiki D’Aire, Nickey Huntsman, Tifa Quinn, and Lily Craven all sign on with the Vanilla Gaming Company for future games

CINCINNATI, Ohio— On July 28th, 2023 the gaming industry will have a new bad boy. After many years of hard work and determination, The Vanilla Gaming Company will be the first game developer to feature an adult film actress (Nickey Huntsman) who will not only star in the game, but be featured as a playable character. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. Nickey Huntsman not only provided full voice-over characterization but the alluring illustrated visuals that take on her one-of-a-kind stance as a model/performer. Never has a game company rolled the dice as Vanilla Gaming has to bring the adult film industry into the mainstream gaming world. The founder and Creative Director of the Vanilla Gaming Company, Neil Herrin, had this to say;

“I’m sick and tired of censorship that exists in plain sight in the gaming industry. The video game world includes a rating system that coincides with mainstream Hollywood, the music industry, and other various media platforms. Gaming still treats their fans, as if their products were not meant for adults. Gaming is as much a part of an adult’s life as watching a movie, or TV show on Netflix. The censorship aspect of the video game industry needs to GROW UP! Vanilla Gaming is going to give them a little push in the right direction with Retro Knockout. A game that is marketed for adults!”

VanillaBeast: Retro Knock-Out! is a parody game for adults to sit back, grab a cold one, and play a single-player campaign like we used to when living in the nineties. No online hassles, no cheaters, no “trolls” constantly messing with your gaming mojo. Just pure unadulterated fun VIA comedy and parody. What exactly is Retro KO? Think Leisure Suit Larry gets lost in Frank Miller’s Sin City. “Socked” up with a little Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out action in a dark alley.

Yeah, it’s an over-the-top retro game with TONS of eighties and nineties easter eggs throughout the gameplay. You will face parody opponents such as Iron Druggo, Duster Rugless, Brawny Roarance, Schlong Poon (amazing Mortal Kombat parody), Macho Boxer Dandy Ravage, and of course the reigning champ Tike Myson. Retro KO! offers over thirty parody boxers, and is filled to the brim with nostalgic goodness that any Rocky or Roadhouse fan is going to love.

This is not all that the “VanillaBeast” has to offer fight fans. What’s next for the Vanilla Gaming Company you might ask? This is where things get downright dirty, in the best of ways. The Vanilla Gaming Company is proud to announce the signing of legendary adult film stars Jewel De’Nyle and Kiki D’Aire, as well as award-winning superstars Blake Blossom, Anna Claire Clouds, and ultimate MILF Lily Craven. Finished with a cherry on top that is new starlet Tifa Quinn. Vanilla is looking to make the biggest and best games with some of the greatest adult film stars of all time.

“It’s time the gaming industry recognizes and respects the rating system put forth by the ESRB and PEGI and allows developers to work with actors and actresses from the adult film industry. It’s insane how I can be associated with an adult film actress and be shunned by the gaming world, even though there’s no actual sex in my games. Just saying the name “Nickey Huntsman” strikes fear in so many game media outlets and platforms, it’s almost laughable at how afraid they are of the industry. We’re just getting started too, they’re not ready for what we’re going to bring over the next few years. We’re spanning retro games with attitude, and maturity from sunny beaches to scary summer camps (wink, wink). Big things are coming.. BIG things” says Herrin.

The Vanilla Gaming Company wants you to take their word for it. This company looks to give a voice to the world of adult entertainers like no one ever has. The adult film world has long showcased some of the most talented entertainers/performers/models and actors that the world has ever known. Now, they will get a chance to take their game to another level. Literally! Retro Knock-out! will be the first of many more games to come. Video games that are designed with an adult audience in mind. Adventures that push the envelope of creativity and rebellion. Thrills and spills that hold no punches. Take it from the performers themselves, this is only the tip of the gaming iceberg.

“There were so many things that I wished to do when I began my career eleven years ago. I have been fortunate to have so much success making adult films, acting, working on mainstream projects, and even being featured with some great influencers over the years. Now, I get to live a dream that I had since before I became a porn star. To be immortalized in a video game. As a character that the fans will get to play within the game itself. I can not thank Neil and VanillaBeast Games enough for allowing me to take part in a project that I think will change the way we intake entertainment forever!” – Nickey Huntsman

“I have been able to take my fans on so many of my sultry adventures in the world of adult films. I’ve accomplished many goals in life, including a career as an adult performer. Now, I look to do even more. 2023 has been a special year for me, and it has gotten even bigger the moment I was given an offer by The Vanilla Gaming Company to step into another supposedly forbidden realm for an adult entertainer. The world of video games, and the gamers who love them. I just could not pass up the opportunity. This is a domain where I will bring the fans the same intense dedication they are used to. Just in pixel form. What we have on the horizon is going to be another side of Blake. I hope that everyone, including our critics, gets to see that there is another world of what performance and presentation can be from a porn star.” – Blake Blossom

“The game is an instant classic “just like me’… Quality gaming with a sexy twist.” – Jewel De’Nyle

“As a child of Atari and Nintendo and video games in general were deeply embedded into the culture of my youth. On Saturdays, my father used to get a roll of quarters and we would go to the local arcade and play all of the games that we now call “classics” after watching Mid-South Wrestling on television. The most enticing aspect of this new venture is the merging of adult actors with the video game world. It is the chance to be a part of fond memories in a new way. A platform and presentation that will not only bring new fans to our brand of entertainment but will hopefully challenge the negativity surrounding the inclusion of sex workers in non-explicit mainstream projects.” – Kiki D’Aire

“Every time I stop and think about what is happening with Retro Knock-out!, and VanillaBeast Games, it just does not seem real. I now get to work alongside the greatest adult film stars that this industry has ever known. Best New Starlet Blake Blossom, the legend that is Jewel De’Nyle, and Kiki D’Aire. This is my kind of fantasy because I am a gamer at heart, and an adult film connoisseur before I became a porn star. The only words that come to mind that I can tell the fans is that this company is making something just for them. For people who love both branches of entertainment as much as we do. I am so ready to do some gaming with them, maybe more.” – Tifa Quinn

“Ah, the glorious era of the eighties. A time when pixels danced and imagination soared! Those were the good old days of gaming. A moment in time when we wielded controllers like knights handled swords. Embarking on epic quests and 2D adventures. I fondly remember spending hours immersed in the worlds crafted by the games within that era. Now, as I step into the realm of video game promotion, I couldn’t be more thrilled to work with VanillaBeast Gaming. They are a company that embodies the spirit of those golden years, pushing the limits of what’s possible, while staying true to the essence of classic gaming. I can’t wait to join forces with them on this exciting journey. Together, we shall unleash a tidal wave of nostalgia, suggestive themes, and comedy that contains a taste of the magic that made us fall in love with gaming, and adult entertainment in the first place.” – Lily Craven

“VanillaBeast: Retro Knock-Out!” releases in full on July 28th, 2023 on the Steam platform. For more information, visit the Vanilla Gaming Company website or follow the company on Twitter, or better yet, chat directly with Vanilla and the gang on their official Discord server.

Purchase this game directly on Steam Today:

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