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Hey everyone, it’s Friday morning and I’m just checking in here with my www.xxxGauge.com update.
What a week it’s been…. I’ve been shooting almost everyday. I finished my first feature for Forbidden Films, oh my god the sex scenes are SOOOOOO cool. Next week we start shooting another.

So, I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails recently about a photo with me and my MOM. Ok, yes my mom was in a photo with me.

I did a photoshoot with Hustler Magazine a while ago, and my mom happened to be visiting me. So, she came with me to the photoshoot. The shoot was a holiday set with Lee Stone dressed as Santa, my mom saw Lee when he came in and she thought he was cute. We got on set and started (trust me magazine photoshoots are not as glamorous or sexy as you think) SO, we’re on set and we’re doing lots of these still poses, and I see my mom off to the side and she was all smiling staring at Lee Stone, so I whispered something to Lee, he laughed and I went and I grabbed my mom and dragged her onto the set. And there it was, I made her grab Lees cock and put it in my mouth, the rest is history. (see the photo in my members gallery).

So, what else is happening? I’ve gotten about 17 orders for custom videos – god am I going to be busy. AND man am I having fun with these. I hope more people order custom videos, because I love doing them, people are sending me scripts telling me what to do, what to wear, it’s sooo cool and I’m having fun doing it. I’ve got a bunch of my friends to join in and make them with me. I’m in talks to appear on the Tera Show and KSex radio with Wankus. Wankus says I owe him an in person visit, but with my schedule it’s difficult, but I’m trying.

One thing that is certain is that I’ll be appearing on Playboys Night Calls next week. The radio version next week, and then the cable version later.

I have some sad news. I’ve lost my webmaster. I’ve referred to him by name here many times before, and he was such a good friend to me. But he’s had to cut his ties with me and move off in another direction. I wish him well and I hope he has a great future and is happy, and I’m grateful that he helped me get to where I am now with my site. We ended on good terms, no ill feelings, he just wanted to move on and had another commitment to make. He did get me a new webmaster – and I am soooooo happy and comfortable with this GUY – hellloooooooooooooo Pandora!!!!!!!!!!!!! My relationship with GoliathFilms.com grows even stronger (hey Paul, Eric, Gene, Angie and Mike). Anyway, expect more updates, expect a cool redesign (Keith is still doing the redesign for this site and all the others) and expect more interaction with me, as I will be Pandoras only responsibility.

And for his first act as webmaster, Pandora will be uploading the picture of me and my mom with Lee Stone to my members section, along with another 100 hardcore photos, GoliathFilms.com already has the pic of me and my mom on my Bio page and some new sets, me and Pandora are playing catch up now.

Love you all,

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