Anal Bliss 3

Anal Bliss 3

Movie Type: Vignette
117 Mins
THEMES: Anal Sex,

STARS: Mick Blue, Khloe Kapri, Liz Jordan, Oliver Flynn, Christian Clay, Alex Jones, Leah Lee, Marie Berger


When it comes to combining great anal sex with eye candy, no one does it quite as well as the folks at Tushy. They always seem to find a way to make their female talent look amazing and never skimp on the energetic sex we have come to expect. This movie brings all of that and then some. From the opening scene with Liz Jordan as a college girl taking a gap year to the finale with Khloe Kapri, the action is first rate. Liz turns that gap year into an opportunity to fuck her coworker, using her ass to let him know just how much she likes him. Khloe kind of steals the show with a scene featuring Mick Blue and fantastic anal action. If you are just looking for one fantastic scene, grab that Khloe bang and VOD it. She is pretty amazing. In between Leah Lea turns a weekend of partying into one super intense butt fuck. Marie Berger stars in perhaps the hottest fantasy of the movie. She bangs her best friend and workout partner’s husband in a very hot scene. Not all of the stories are this well done, but the sex is great, the cast is hot and you won’t be disappointed if you are looking for a pretty movie with great anal action.

Liz Jordan & Alex Jones

Liz Jordan is on a gap year from college to pursue a career in fashion. She has developed a huge crush on her mentor Alex but is keeping things professional. Some good news comes her way and in a moment of carelessness, she kisses him. He is into it and they immediately retire to her bedroom. It takes her only seconds to get undressed and to pop his dick into her mouth. It is too big, but she accepts some help from his hands to get it a little further into her throat. She is on her stomach with her bare feet up in the air behind her as she gives him a stellar looking BJ,. He slides under her and holds her thighs during reverse cowgirl. Flipping over, she spreads herself wide and invites him in through the backdoor. The camera is in a perfect position to capture the action. They finish in missionary as he pumps his load right up into her tight little butthole.

Marie Berger & Christian Clay

Fitness fanatic Marie Berger knows how to work to keep her body in peak shape. She and her best friend love to workout together. Marie enjoys the home gym, but is even more impressed by her friend’s husband Christian. She just can’t stop thinking about him and when she is alone with him, things get out of hand quickly. Well, not completely out of hand because she has a fistful of cock before you say “sweating to the oldies.” Marie moves from hand to mouth as she bobs her head up and down on his lap. She climbs on top of him and is very loud for someone who is cheating with her best friend’s husband in their bed when she might come home at any second. He likes her on top so much that he just grabs her hips and starts pumping up between her cheeks. Good looking anal footage in spoon as she rubs her clit. Marie moves up on top and bounces her ass up and down on his pole. She really knows how to take that dick deep in her ass. He takes her from behind and works her hard while she talks dirty. They finish up with a shot on her tongue as she sucks out every drop. Now this is a workout plan that everyone can get behind.

Leah Lee & Oliver Flynn

Leah Lee has plans while her parents are away. She wants to get high and have her ass fucked. Instead her friends throw a rager that leaves her doing far too much cleaning and not enough cumming. At the last minute she throws caution to the wind and chooses cock over cleanser. Oliver is happy to lend his dick to the proceedings. He sits back while she shoves his meat to the back of her throat and encourages him to fuck her face. She wants it in the ass and isn’t afraid to beg him for backdoor pleasure. He has a long dick that goes way up into her guts and she loves every inch. Treat looking doggy with Leah looking back at the camera while her cheeks get split. This is a really nice mix of eye candy and sexual energy. The close up shots of the penetration are really good, especially when she is on her back and pulling her knees up to her chest. He pulls out and shoots on her face.

Khloe Kapri & Mick Blue

We get a little flashback to when Mick took Khloe’s anal virginity. It cost him his marriage, but a few years later he still has access to her smoking hot body and that cute tushy. Khloe knows how to make him feel good from the start, working her lips over the head of his dick and going deep until she just can’t take any more. His balls and ass get some attention before he stands up and helps her take a deep throat fucking. As good as she is with her mouth, Khloe has other fun places to hide his meat and she is happy to use them. I know that this is an anal movie, but the energy level during the vaginal sex portion of this scene is fantastic. They bring in some toys to open her backdoor and by the time she puts those cheeks in the air, She smiles and talks dirty while he goes balls-deep in her beautiful backdoor. Spinning around she holds her legs in the air and the camera gets in close. He gives her a solid fuck and then unloads all over her face. This is a great looking scene with Khloe shining like a star from start to finish.

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