Young & Beautiful 12

Young & Beautiful 12

Movie Type: Vignette
176 Mins
THEMES: Threesomes, Blondes, Big Cocks

STARS: Alex Jones, Avery Cristy, Blake Blossom, Christian Clay, Eve Sweet, Jazmin Luv, Lilly Bell, Mick Blue, Oliver Flynn


As someone who has always enjoyed title integrity in porn (Thank you Chris Alexander for that phrase) I really like this series. The cast is always packed with great looking young women. (Though everyone seems young to me these days.) The opening scene is one not to be missed. Avery Cristy and Eve Sweet make a perfect threesome with Christian Clay. Both women are great looking, they play up the hired tutor angle and deliver a blistering hot sex scene. Mark it folks, this is one you won’t want to miss. Blake Blossom adds another great scene to resume. She plays a model who knows how hot she is and then shares that beauty with us while taking a big dick. Lilly Bell gets some action on the job after developing a conscious about working for a shitty lawyer. This one snuck on me in the best way, showing off great chemistry and making me want more. Jazmin Luv has an interesting way of getting her too-busy boyfriend to bang her. She picks a fight and then enjoys the angry, passionate make up sex. These are all good scenes, but the opener is a can’t miss and then Blake and Lilly give you more reasons to grab a copy of this movie and enjoy.

Avery Cristy, Eve Sweet & Christian Clay

Opening with some nice bikini tease footage, the movie kicks off a scene where Avery Cristy and Eve Sweet team up. The scene takes a big tonal turn from the tease. Avery shows up to be a live-in tutor for a rich couple. Eve gets one look at her and storms in to throw a drink on her husband. This just leads them to a hot time. Avery catches on that there is something in the air and after some mixed signals finally gets to play with her new bosses. Christian watches his wife make out with their pretty blonde friend. They take their time with the girl/girl action, setting the tone nicely. Eventually Christian pulls his wife onto his lap and fills her pussy with his hard cock. Avery waits her turns, helping the couple and really enjoying the show. The women switch and Eve kisses her man while Avery rides his throbbing rod. They share his cock nicely as he moves back and forth between them. (Some days it has to feel pretty good to come to set. This had to be one of those days for Mr. Clay.) Eve gets pounded hard on her back with her feet shaking wildly on every stroke. He finally reaches the point of no return and has both women suck his cock until he explodes all over both pretty faces. This is fucking hot and we are only on the first damn scene.

Blake Blossom & Oliver Flynn

Pretty model Black Blossom is supremely confident and it is easy to see why. She has her photographer eating out of the palm of her hand and makes him agree to only touch her after the shoot. We get to watch some very hot bikini footage before they head home and he gets his mouth busy between her legs. Blake gets naked and then happily returns the favor with some energetic head bobbing. She looks amazing with her mouth full and then slips her tits around his dick to show off her other skills. Mounting up, she rides him with the same confidence we saw during her photo shoot. She looks good and she knows it. In addition to some great ass shots, se get to watch her natural wonders bounce as he strokes hard into her. The reverse cowgirl is stunning and she takes every stroke with absolute bliss. They finish up with a big shot on her pretty face.

Lily Bell

Pretty blonde Lilly Bell is working for a piece of shit personal injury lawyer. She convinces her coworker that they should take off with the money and celebrate by fucking each other’s brains out. She gets her hands on his big cock and slowly strokes him until he is throbbing in her fists. She puts it in her mouth and drools all over it before giving his balls a little attention. Nice looking eye contact as she takes it halfway down and holds it. Great BJ footage here with some slobber, fantastic eye contact and some self face smacking to boot. Climbing up on top, she rubs her clit while grinding her hips beautifully. She really seems turned on by everything he does to her.. Watching her spin around to suck it right out of her holes is pretty hot. She nearly chokes on his big dong but doesn’t slow down at all. He grabs her by the hair while fucking her and she enthusiastically sucks on his fingers. They finish up with a big shot on her face. This scene wins me over with fantastic energy and chemistry between the performers.

Jazmin Luv

Last up is Jazmin Luv. She has plenty of complaints about dating her rich boyfriend. Mick never has time for her, so she “stokes a fire” once in a while by starting a fight. Apparently it works because he has his cock down her throat before the broken shards of the vase she chucked can even settle on the floor. Nice shots of her fully dressed and squatting while he fucks her pretty face. They move into bed where she loses her dress, but keeps right on sucking his cock and drooling all over him. She looks great when she spreads her legs and rides him in reverse cowgirl. That body is absolutely killer and his dick slides deep into her. She looks quite nice with her ass in the air for his cock and tongue. He finishes off on her face and she smiles as he drains every drop.

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