Aurora Snow’s Assploitations Release


For the past three years, Aurora Snow has been one of the most popular, recognizable and decorated stars in adult movies. Her girl-next-door looks and fresh young body have been complimented by her all-out sexual energy, making her a powerful performer. She has won nearly every award in the business including the coveted Performer of the Year from AVN last year. Expanding on her popularity, Aurora signed a toy contract with Las Vegas Novelties, got her own cable show and became a Contract Girl for Sin City and is now ready to release her directorial debut for the company. “Assploitations” represents Aurora’s first time behind the camera and hits store shelves on September 30th.

To celebrate the movie’s release, Sin City PR ace Tina Tyler arranged an intimate little release party at Maggiano’s in Woodland Hills yesterday afternoon. Attendees were greeted by Aurora, who was absolutely gorgeous in a black spotted sundress. Each invited guest was given a signed copy of the movie on DVD and a special poster of Ms. Snow from the cover of “Assploitations.” Several members of the adult industry press were on hand for the event, including AVN’s Tim Connelly, Gene Ross, KSEX’s Wankus, Carlie Milne and Jason Sechrest. A crew from Playboy’s Spice Clips was also in attendance to support Aurora. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was perfect, prompting Sechrest to wax complimentary. “Tina Tyler is the greatest publicist ever and she can use that on her resume.”

I had a wonderful time talking with Gene and Wankus about their new site, which is collaborative effort between the two. Ross described the partnership as sort of a “48 Hours” thing with Wankus as a fresh, young, Eddie Murphy type (I believe he used the term “wise-cracking sidekick about three times) and Ross playing the “crotchety old fart” role. Ross also pointed out that their unique blend of old and new school adult journalism was going to make a “fire-breathing entity.” I had never actually met Wankus before and he seemed shocked that I wasn’t a much older pervert. Sechrest echoed the sentiment when we were introduced. Apparently everyone thinks that I should be closer to 60 than thirty, have less hair and be more troll-like. (What does that say for people in my chosen field?) According to Jason, Jenna Haze “just loves” me which is certainly the kind of news that can brighten one’s day.

After several hundred movies in front of the camera, Aurora called her first time behind the camera “a great learning experience.” When asked what lessons she learned on the set of “Assploitations”, Ms. Snow smiled and replied, “I learned a lot about time management. I’ve heard directors yell ‘cut’ a thousand times, but having been on the other side, I can see now that there is a lot more behind it than just one word.” Aurora hired Ashley Blue, Arianna Jolie and Crystal Ray to join her in the all-sex movie with an anal theme. “I had a great time” added Aurora with smile. “I was directing in my pajama bottoms and a tank top and go so turned on by one scene that I just jumped in. No one seemed to mind.” It’s funny how that works when it’s a hot woman behind the camera.

There were plenty of lessons to be learned after the shoot was finished as well. “I learned a lot watching the editing as well. I couldn’t sit in on all the entire process because of work, so there were some things that got left out. Next time I will be there from start to finish.” Though she had fun directing this one, Aurora says that she has definite plans to direct features in the near future. “I want to do features in the future, but I felt that this was a better way to start off. It was a great learning experience and a lot of fun.”

If Aurora is able to bring the same passion and enthusiasm to her directing as she has to her performances, then “Assploitations” should be the first in a long line of successful movies from this beautiful woman turned director.

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