My Young Hotwife 3

My Young Hotwife 3

Movie Type: Featurette
120 Mins
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Eddie Powell & Paul Woodcrest
WEBSITE: www.blacked.comThe hotwife genre has grown to the point that they have most of the other subcategories covered. Since not all wives are MILFS, then some hotwives are going to be younger. That is where this series kicks in. The four lovely women in the are young hotwives who prove that they know how to find pleasure where their marriage takes them. They are not all first timers either. Some of them are and that kind of adds a layer of fantasy. But mostly this is just four scenes of hotwives fucking other dudes with t he full support of their loving husbands. All four scenes are good, but two stand out for me. Kimmy Kimm is very cute and wants to savor every moment with her new lover. Macy Meadows gives my favorite performance of the movie. She and Tyler have good chemistry, she looks amazing and pulls off the young hotwife vibe perfectly. This is another solid entry into the genre if that’s your thing. If not, just enjoy the well shot action with a very attractive cast.

Summer Col & Will Pounder

The voice over explains that Summer Col can’t wait to tell her husband about the events of the night before. Her husband will be so proud of her and that thought makes her so horny that she just has to take one more ride before heading home. They kiss, exchange oral sex and climb into bed. There is not a lot of chemistry here, even when he scoops her up and fucks her in mid air. He takes her from behind and then she gets on top, bouncing as she faces the camera. There is some nice footage of them standing by the window with really good lighting as they pick up the pace. That is where they finish as Will pulls out and shoots all over her ass.

Macy Meadows & Tyler Nixon

Macy Meadows is a pretty young wife whose husband wants her to have a good time and also wants pictures of the action. He teases her with his fingers and mouth before letting Macy give a sweet looking blowjob. It is way to short considering how hot it is, She looks great with her legs in the air as his strokes increase in intensity. Great body shots here and when she gets on top, the camera captures her backside perfectly. This is the best scene of the movie because Macy looks great and has fantastic energy. He ends up shooting all over her pussy and taking pictures to send to her husband.

Kay Lovely & Jason Moody

It is the first time with another man for blonde Kay Lovely. She calls her husband and is very shy when she meets her partner for the afternoon. He takes things slow, showering her with kisses and compliments. By the time he takes his cock out, she is relaxed and ready to work it with her mouth. She does a nice job sucking and takes her time to get his dick wet enough to stroke it hard. He slides behind her and grabs her by the neck while entering her pussy. The pretty blonde sucks his dick again as she changes positions. This is something she repeats at every switch, adding a lot of hot blowjob footage to the scene. There is some reverse cowgirl footage that is easily the highlight of the action here. He finishes on her face and she plays with the load a big while rubbing his dick between her tits as a nice slow finish to a well done scene.

Kimmy Kimm & Chad Alva

As Kimmy Kimm gets out of the shower, her husband wraps his arms around, hands her some lingerie and tells her that tonight is a special occasion. Her partner is nervous since it is his first time, but Kimmy quickly put him at ease by kissing her way down his chest. The blowjob is quick as they seem eager to get her on her back with her legs spread wide to let him in. Nice flexibility shots here and she is having a great time. After a few strokes she gives him (and the audience) a second round of oral before lifting a leg and taking his cock in spoon. Kimmy looks really good on top, working her hips until he finally just grabs her thighs and holds her legs open for a while. They finish with a nice facial shot. Another good scene with a very strong finish.

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