Slubb Partners Makes a Deal With Pulse Lubricants

Slubb Partners Makes a Deal With Pulse Lubricants

Seattle, WA — Slubb USA is proud to announce they have made a deal with Pulse lubricants. Every Slubb sold by Slubb USA will ship with two different bottles from Pulse lubricants. One is Pulse H2Oh!, a water based lubricant with hydrating chia seed extract. The other bottle is Pulse Aloe-ahh, a silicone based lubricant with aloe and vitamin E.

The Slubb, short for “sling rub” is a pleasure product consisting of a high powered motor unit connected to an adjustable rubber belt, delivering strong vibration to the penile shaft. Slubb can deliver up to 18,000 rpm of power, making quite possibly the most powerful sex toy on the market.

Part of what makes Pulse lubricants unique is each bottle is hygienically sealed, with an airless pump to prevent contamination. This makes the last drop of lube as fresh as the first. The lube bottles included with each Slubb are also compatible with the Pulse lube warming system. The wireless warming dispenser uses a motion detector to pour lube, without touch, preventing infections. In addition, the dispenser has a multicolor mood light, making it perfect for the bedroom. With each Slubb comes a promo code for 15% off a purchase of the Pulse lubricant warming system.

“You don’t need much lube when using the Slubb, a little bit will work wonders,” advised Neil Chassan, CEO of Slubb USA. “Both lubes are safe for latex condoms, and feel silky smooth. I absolutely recommend Pulse’s touchless dispenser for the bedroom or dungeon.”

And Slubb is getting praise from reviewers and consumers.

“I would recommend everyone getting one,” cheered Mistress Diana Von Rigg. “Everyone I have used it on, and every time I have used it with a friend, they have gone out and got one.”

Consumers can find the Slubb available online at

Pulse lubricants can be bought online at

There is an affiliate for the Slubb and details are available at

Retail stores and distributors can place orders for Slubb by e-mailing or calling 206-337-6631.

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