Recall Response

About yesterday’s Recall notes, CDub writes:
Hey Rog, I had some thoughts on this California recall
election. I know I’m not from California, and Europe
(where the military has me stationed) is about as far
from Cali as Bill Clinton is from sainthood (ok, maybe
not that far), I still wanted to put in my two cents.

Have you noticed how Arnold is slowly starting to
crawl away from the moderate role? He’s certainly
moderate on lots of issues, but on the economics of
the election, he’s inching his way to the conservative
side of things. Interesting move for him, especially
since liberal economics are what got California in
this kind of stinking mess in the first place.
C-Bust, as you called him, is a carbon copy liberal.
No different than Davis, Clinton, Dean, or any other
wacko that the Democrats have put up for office on the
national scale (true, California is a state, but it’s
governor is seen nation wide). C-Bust is still not
renouncing his membership and support of this hate
group from down Mexico way, and yet no one seems to
care. If some candidate refused to renounce his
membership and support of the KKK, he’d be stoned to
death. Oh wait, my bad. That is unless you are a
Democrat named Robert Byrd, and you’re a Senator from
West Virginia, and you were a recruiter for the KKK.
Then you’re cool. Please.
I’m torn between who I want to win this thing. I
could say that I want McClintock to win because I’m
closer to a conservative than I am a moderate. I
could say I want Arnold to win just because I’m a
Republican and it would chap the liberals hide to have
a Republican in the California governor’s mansion.
And I could go with what nationally syndicated radio
talk show host Neal Boortz is calling for: Let’s let
Cruz win, just so we can see what happens when
liberals totally destroy a state, using California as
an example. By the way, for those who don’t know,
Bustamonte, loosely translated to English, means
“large breasts.” Just thought you guys should know.

Rog Replies:
Thanks CD. These are very well thought out points. I’m not pulling for McClintock mostly because I’m not a conservative. I like many of his ideas, but would lean more towards Arnold because he seems more of a libertarian, though he is running as a moderate. So far I haven’t moved from my support of Larry Flynt, though I am angry that he hasn’t taken this run more seriously. I like his ideas best even if I can’t always stand what he seems to stand for. I just want it clear, that my dislike for CBust is complete. He has offered nothing to correct the mistakes of the Davis era and is he is the best that the Dems can come up with, then maybe they too need to find someone outside of poltics to run.

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