Another Hit From D.v.s.x.


Get your parking passes out and ready because Double Parked #5 “Meater Maids” are patrolling the area for violations.

We’ve got 6 scorching DP scenes starring 7 hot girls. This all-star class of ass is bound to satisfy even the worst cases of road rage out there, with Sweet Nicky, Isabella, Puffy, Amy Lee, Megan D, Patricia and Sylvia Lee! Watch as twelve horny stiffs volunteer for DP duty, making sure to inspect any and all female orifices for possible violators. Director Alex Ladd assures you that breaking and entering is not a felony here; although the fine is double in all areas for the next two hours. So buckle up, keep your hands on the stick, and enjoy the ride.

In scene one, Sweet Nicky finds herself looking for a little backside assistance after getting rammed in her vehicle from every direction. She returns the favor by taking a hot money shot to the face. Isabella has no trouble handling two hard cocks in her pussy at once, leaving you to think she must have spent a lot of time in DPP traffic school.

Double your pleasure and double your penetration with a copy of Double Parked 5 “Meater Maids’ and witness the freak show that is 2 hours of double hard-on collisions!

Playfully yours,
Jennifer Main

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