First Feeders 2

First Feeders 2
Movie Type: All Sex
154 Mins
THEMES: Gloryhole, Blowbang, Oral Sex, Cum Swallowing
STARS: Febby Twigs, Jillian Janson


This movie features two women doing their first gloryhole scenes. They handle the action pretty well and if you like swallowing, you better get yourself ready for a hot, wild ride. Febby Twigs is so eager that she can barely stand it. She sucks like crazy and strips down just because it turns her on so much. Jillian Janson shows her slutty side in a great scene. She sucks every cock that pops through the hole. Both women are good looking and totally down with the gloryhole and swallowing aspects of the movie. If this is your thing, then you will love it, start to finish.

Febby Twigs

Febby Twigs is in the hot seat for her first visit to a gloryhole. She is twenty three and has nearly a decade of experience giving blowjobs. Her stories include her first messy facial in a public bathroom and why she decided to give her boyfriend head while he was busy pooping. They have a long conversation about her oral techniques, her sexual history and all of the good stuff we need to know before watching her suck ten strangers off. The dicks start coming through the hole and Febby knows just what to do. While one guy reaches through and feels her up, she delivers a loud and enthusiastic blowjob to the first cock. He knocks on the wall to warn her about his coming load which she takes in the mouth while lovingly stroking out every drop. After showing off and swallowing, she turns around and goes for number two. This guy gets the same treatment as she bobs her whole body in time until she hears that knock. With each new load she takes it in the mouth, shows the camera, swallows and moves to the next. The counter lets us keep track of just how many loads she has eaten. It doesn’t seem to matter to Febby if the dick is big or small, she makes sure to make a lot of noise for all of them. Her face also remains perfect since she keeps swallowing every load. Every time she hears that knock, her lips just lock on the cock and she lets it rock. (Oh no, no Rog…no.) Finally after ten loads she is done for the day, smiling and looking ready to take on another twenty.

On the 6th anniversary of her first porn shoot, beautiful Jillian Janson is going to try something new, a glorhole blowbang. She is very excited as she sits for an interview and talks about her sexual history. When the cocks finally come through the holes, Jillian is ready to go. There are two cocks to start with and she works her mouth back and forth between them. With little to get in the way, we get to enjoy her pretty face as she blows the faceless man. It doesn’t take long for the first guy to cum or for Jillian to swallow his load. Guy number two is also quick, but this time she really holds his cream on her tongue for the camera before downing it. The next guy has a longer dick, giving her more to play with as she strokes his shaft. He doesn’t hold out for long either. Her talented mouth has these guys ready to feed her after just a few minutes of head. The way she keeps looking up to show her mouth when it is full of cum makes me wonder how high the walls of this gloryhole set really go. She adds some dirty talk near the end before taking the tenth and final load. Jillian swallows that one and says she is ready for more. Next time perhaps. This is very different from other blowbang movies, but Jillian’s pretty face and the one on one attention given to each swallowed load make it quite hot and a definite must-see for fans of gloryholes and swallowing.

Other Scenes from this DVD:

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