One Night in Barcelona

One Night in Barcelona

Movie Type: Feature
173 Mins
DIRECTOR: Alis Locanta
THEMES: Threesomes, Prostitution, Interracial Sex
STARS: Clea Gaultier, Ginebra Bellucci, Lina Luxa, Romy Indy, Nick Ross, Juan Lucho, Tommy Cabrio



This movie is nominated for Best International Productions at the AVN Awards and I believe very strongly that it should win. (Update, it did!) It is really good from start to finish with a lead performance from Romy Indy that should put her on everyone’s radar. She is beautiful, filled with sexual energy and handles the bulk of the dialog really well. You know, she is in all five scenes so that almost makes this a Star Showcase as well as a feature. Instead we get a pretty simple story of Romy who has several stops to make during her titular evening. She is there for her own reasons, but stops to fuck every single person she comes into contact with. Whether in one on one scenes or sharing a cock with other hotties like Clea Gaultier or Luna Luxa, Romy shines in every way. The scenes are well shot and pretty enough to make this coupes-friendly but the sex is plenty hot. This is one of my favorite features of the year and you should definitely pick it up. Also, grab whatever you can find with Romy Indy in it. You can thank me later.

Romy Indy & Nick Ross

Romy Indy is in town to “see” three men tonight. She has a private driver in the car as she gets changed for her first date. There is more going on than meets the eye when she gets to Nick’s apartment. That doesn’t mean that she isn’t also going to fuck him of course. He gets her into bed and finds his way under her dress where she licks her pussy until she is quivering and moaning like she really is having a blast. When she returns the favor, she does so with skill and some serious oral passion. She is very pretty and this is a great looking segment. He puts on a condom and Romy mounts up to ride him, He flips her over and they stare into one another’s eyes while he fills her tight slit. She finishes him off by jerking his dick until he explodes on her pretty face. The night has just begun, but we are off to an outstanding start.

Romy Indy, Clea Gaultier & Tommy Cabrio

With no time to rest, Romy heads for her next meeting. Once again she chances in the back of the car before arriving to meet a young couple celebrating their anniversary. Disguised as a servant, she does her duties and still finds time to hack into the security system. Clea catches her, but rather than tell her husband, she tells Romy to get undressed and bring them more champagne. The horny couple is happy to test out Romy’s kissing skills. First on their mouths, but on Clea’s pussy after just a few moments of three-way making out. Both women get down to suck his cock at the same time. Clea is gorgeous and they both show off impressive oral skills before her covers up and goes for vaginal penetration. After a couple of strokes he just decides to slide it into his wife’s ass. Romy watches for a while, but her hot little holes are next. We get to watch her standing up while getting railed from behind. He finishes up all over Romy’s pretty face as his wife kisses him. Mission accomplished all around.

Romy Indy & Ginebra Bellucci

Romy has some time before her next appointment and decides to pay a visit to her friend who lives nearby. Ginebra Bellucci is happy to see her friend after all these years. As you may have guessed, they are more than friends. We join a flashback of a vacation the two took to Thailand where they were apparently too busy all over each other to take in many of the local sights. The extended make out session at the start of this scene is really hot. Both women are lovely and they get to have a good time together before the main event. Ginebra slips her friend’s panties off and starts working on her with a toy and her tongue. When Romy returns the favor, we get some gorgeous shots of Ginebra with her legs up showing off her hot body.

Romy Indy, Nick Ross & Lina Luxa

For her final task, Romy has to return to Nick’s place to get something she left behind. Hoping to find him asleep, she instead walks in on Nick getting busy with Lina Luxa. Thinking quickly she enlists the help of the other working girl to get Nick into a threesome where she can pull off the job right under his nose. He is quite happy to have two lovely women in his bed and even happier to see them sharing his hard cock with their horny mouths. Really good looking footage here as Romy goes to town. He holds back long enough to get a rubber on his dick and let the leggy beauty take a ride. She looks great on top and he stays in her through another position change before even giving Lina a shot. She bounces on his cock with her ass, working her hips to make sure he hits it deep. He saves up a nice load and shoots it all over both of their pretty faces.

Romy Indy & Juan Lucho

With her jobs all done, Romy drifts off to sleep in the back of her car. Her driver (Juan) tries to be sweet and covers her with a blanket. This wakes her up and she immediately pulls him t her for one final fuck of the evening. After he warms her up with his tongue, Juan sits back and enjoys some really fantastic looking head. Romy’s pretty face helps a lot, but her skills really make this one pop. Climbing up into his lap, she drops her hips and rocks his dick like she hasn’t already been laid four times already tonight. They find enough room in the back of the car to let her show off her long legs and get bent way over some deep penetration. It’s a tight fit, so we have to be impressed with how much energy they produce and how well the scene is lit given the location. She finishes him off with her mouth giving us a final facial shot that is damn hot.

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