Movie Type: All Sex
93 Mins
Lust Cinema
DIRECTOR: Casey Calvert
THEMES: Romance
STARS: Tommy Pistol , Ryan Driller , Dante Colle , Maya Woulfe , Alexis Tae , Bryn Pryor.



This is one of the more heavily-nominated feature/featurettes at this year’s AVN Awards. It is a simple little movie, but is so well written, nicely shot and finely-acted that it stands out in every way. If you like interesting erotic movies then I thnk you are really going to like this movie. There are no special effects, no crazy sex acts, nothing to parody and if you can believe this one, no one fucks anyone they are kind of sort of but not really related to. May Woulfe plays a young woman in search of a connection. She isn’t a prude, but also isn’t looking for the easy hook up like her roommate (Alexis Tae). She needs some space from that kind of energy and ends up living with her uncle who tries to help her get lucky on some dating apps. Bryn Pryor plays this role perfectly. The two of them play off one another brilliantly. Maya has luck ranging from good to bad to downright odd but eventually hits it off with Dante Colle. Their scenes are very well acted and believable. With all this talk of dialog and acting, how about the sex? It is fine. It is well shot and the cast is certainly attractive. The strong suit here is that the sex fits the tone of the movie and advances the plot quite nicely. Let’s face it, if you are looking for big circus act sex scenes this isn’t for you. (There are a thousand other titles that will do just fine.) What you have here is a nicely told story that is beautifully acted and works as a mainstream looking erotic movie. There aren’t a whole lot of those around, so if you’re looking for one, grab this one and enjoy it.

Alexis Tea & Tommy Pistol

Barely noticing her roommate when she comes home, Alexis Tea keeps deep stroking Tommy’s dick with her mouth like her life depends on it. The sounds of wet, sloppy oral sex seem to inspire Maya in the next room. Tommy and Alexis move the couch, showing genuine chemistry and creating a lot of heat. She gets on top and works her hips expertly while arching her back to show him her ass. (We miss out on that angle which is a shame despite how good the scene looks for the camera.) He does finally turn her around so we get a good view of the backdoor penetration. Really good energy and chemistry in this scene as they finish up with a shot all over her belly.

Maya Woulfe & Dante Colle

After getting some help from her uncle (Played brilliantly by Bryn Pryor) and the use of a new dating app, Maya goes out on a date with Dante Colle. They hit it off really well at the drive in and she makes the first move. Even with some substantial oral efforts, he isn’t rising to the occasion and they awkwardly end things.

Maya Woulfe & Ryan Driller

Maya quit the dating app but her uncle sets her up with Ryan Driller. Things go really well and after just a brief bit of chit chat she slides between his legs to suck his cock. This time her partner rises right to the occasion and she smiles at his throbbing boner. After doing a great job of getting him off with her mouth. Ryan recoils at the idea of returning the favor and Maya returns home frustrated and ready to give up.

Maya Woulfe & Dante Colle

Dante calls Maya and wants to have another date. They share coffee and he explains why he had trouble being intimate the first time. They try a do over and hit it off on pretty much every level. This time, everything works when they get home for private time. He goes down on her for quite some time and she seems to really enjoy it. With her knees pulled up nearly to her chest she feels every stroke from his tongue and finally gets the attention she deserves. Happy to return the favor, she finds his dick much more responsive this time around. She rides him gently and then he flips her over some harder strokes. The strong couples vibe that this scene already had from the story is beautifully reinforced by the lighting and the energy the performers bring to the table.

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