Mika Tan Stalked….No, It’s Not Me!


Mika Tan’s Stalker

No, It’s Not Me

The internet is a wonderful thing. It has revolutionized communication, aided commerce and has made it much easier to watch porn discreetly. Of course it has also made it much easier for people to pester the objects of their stalk-sessions. On the other hand it also makes it easy for those being bothered to out the stalkers and thoroughly embarrass them. Such is the case with Mika Tan. The beautiful and energetic porn superstar has been having some trouble with a mainstream actor/would be pornstar/creepy stalker.

She Writes on MySpace:

To Read the Whole Exchange Read Mika’s MySpace Blog

was helping a guy do his mainstream indie film. He is a recurring character in a TV show. I was going to loan him my production equipment and even introduced him to my family, because he needed to find Eurasian kids for his cast. Even though he was worked on a TV primetime drama, he seemed pretty normal. I often avoid mainstream actors and actresses, as they have proven (to me at least) to be too concerned about their image and often need a lot of attention. Seven months-worth of calls, text messages, and voicemails ended only after I got rid of my cell phone.

I am posting this not to be mean, but for 2 reasons:
1. So that my friends and colleagues understand why I haven’t been answering calls from numbers I don’t know & why my voicemailbox was always full.
2. This guy can go back and think about everything that transpired and MAYBE understand why I do not wish to keep him as a friend. If he sees that other people find this behavior excessive, he will seek help.

To Read the Whole Exchange Read Mika’s MySpace Blog
Some of the emails are just sad. This guy is really being a dick. Look, I get being obsessed with Mika. I’ve been trying to interview her for three years, but 64 texts in one day? One day? I don’t want to make light of this too much because creeps like this are scary, but this guy didn’t even have sex with Mika. (Though he did offer her 600 bucks for a roll.) As someone who has seen Mika work a few hundred times and has watched her incredible oral skills I have to wonder how freakishly obsessed he would be had he actually felt the pleasure of her company in the regard.

This guy is really lucky that Mika is handling it the way she is. She could easily burn the guy, expose his real name along with the creepy emails. You know that some celebrity gossip site or TV show would pay for this info. Once again Mika proves that she has brains and class, but is not afraid to stand up for herself. Very good work as usual Mika. Now, about that interview….

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