Lethal Hardcore Menu: Black Beef W/ Little Pink Meat 4



(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Lethal Hardcore strikes again with a delectable menu of high protein nutrition in a super-sized meal called Big Black Beef Stretches Little Pink Meat 4.

Conscious of what meat lovers crave, director Harry Palm remarks that interracial titles have gained more popularity with consumers of adult, particularly in the all-sex genre of porn because of the taboo nature of the subject.

“It’s a beautiful thing I think when white girls get along really well with black guys,” Palm adds. “As a pornographer, shooting white girls getting drilled by big black dicks is always amazing and every babe I know loves dark meat even if she won’t admit that fact to family and friends.”

Breezy, the bedroom-eyed busty brunette cover girl for Big Black Beef Stretches Little Pink Meat 4, gets a bit excited when she talks about hard, pounding interracial sex.

“I love sex,” Breezy shares. “I love how sex makes me feel and how it makes me feel tingly all over. Having sex with a black guy is alright by me. I enjoy the size challenge because some of these guys have bigger dicks.”

Estelle, a blonde stunner also featured in Big Black Beef Stretches Little Pink Meat 4, might not be able fit all of her co-star’s endowment into her, but it doesn’t mean she won’t give it a try.

“It’s so big,” Estelle coos. “But half the fun is trying something new. But even if it doesn’t go all the way in, it’s all good because I’m still having a lot of fun getting off having sex.”

Lethal Hardcore has been on a big roll lately with some of the most graphic in your face all-sex titles shot with wall to wall action and very little frills. The company’s charismatic leader Stoney Curtis explains why Lethal Hardcore produces a number of interracial titles.

“We like to pair up ebony and ivory because fans really get off watching it. There is, especially for those over 40, something in the back of your mind that reminds you that some folks still think this is a bit edgy and something downright wrong. Remember, in years past it would have been unthinkable to even watch a black guy and a white girl hold hands in public. Well, we’ve moved past that Stone Age thinking as we encourage ’em to go wild with not only some hand holding but with some major genital holding as well”, Curtis remarked with a hearty laugh.

Bailey Bliss, Chelsie Rae and Joey also appear in Big Black Beef Stretches Little Pink Meat 4. So next time you get an appetite for some dark meat, check out this thriller from Lethal Hardcore.

“It’s all high quality interracial sex action without any pirate ships or vampires!” Palm says.

Big Black Beef Stretches Little Pink Meat 4 is in stores now from Lethal Hardcore.

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