Throat Fuckers 6

Throat Fuckers 6

Movie Type: All Sex
246 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Jonni Darkko
THEMES: Oral Sex, Sloppy Head, Deep Throat, Facials
STARS: Aidra Fox, Brooklyn Gray, Chloe Cherry, Eliza Ibarra, Jason Moody, Jonni Darkko, Kissa Sins, Lilly Hall, Naomi Swann,
Paige Owens, Vicki Chase


This is a long flick from Darkko and it never fucking lets up. If you like sloppy head and deep throat from really pretty women then you probably already love anything JD puts out. There are lots of big stars in this one and plenty of pretty faces waiting to get good and messy. Hard to pick a favorite and who needs to? You can just sit back and enjoy a whole lot of really great action and never find a bad scene. But, we should probably point out a few of my favorites just in case anyone is looking for the highlights. Disc one features
Paige Owens and Naomi Swann looking fantastic, Aidra Fox being adorable and filthy at the same time and Brooklyn GrayVicki Chase kicks off disc two and gives what is easily the best deep throat action of the flick. Eliza Ibarra provides some gorgeous eye candy and also proves that she can suck dick with the best in the business. This is two discs of good looking women giving deep and sloppy head with tons of energy and should not be missed if great throat fucking is what you’re looking for.

Kissa Sins

Opening the movie is the always fun Kissa Sins. She has a great smoky look around her eyes as she does some nice tease. She has a very wet tongue so if you are into watching spit roll down someone’s chin, then you are in for a treat. Taking full advantage of that wet mouth. Darkko slides his dick between her lips and starts fucking her face. Kissa takes the dick deep in her throat and looks like she could keep going for a while. She takes a load in her mouth, plays with it, shows it off and then smiles as she swallows.

Paige Owens

Paige Owens slips off her cut off shorts to show us her ass. I am a big fan of the tease in this scene, though it ends pretty quickly. In just her panties, she crawls to the edge of the bed and starts sucking cock. We watch quickly to POV so we can watch as her pretty face gets covered in drool and her lips stretch around not one, but two hard thrusting dicks. They let her head hang over the edge of the bed to fuck her face until the drool rolls down her cheeks and into her eyes. Paige handles both dicks nicely and ends up kneeling between them as they pump and finally shoot big loads all over her pretty face and wide open mouth. This finish is very messy and if you dig big loads on pretty faces, don’t miss it.

Naomi Swann

Naomi Swann looks lovely during her tease footage and then opens her mouth wide for a couple of stiff dicks. With both hands working, she moves her mouth back and forth until they are wet enough to try for deeper strokes. The close up shots get right in there next to the sloppy action. The POV shots are good here, but for drool-heavy face fucking, it is Naomi’s upside down work that really stands out. She is back on her knees for the double facial though. (Is it me or does she look an awful lot like Mikayla Maroney or a young Alyssa Milano here?) The massive facial finish is another reason not to miss this movie.

Aidra Fox

The always lovely AAidra Fox is next to get down and dirty. She has really dark hair in this scene so that’s a different look. What isn’t different is her fantastic smile. It still makes her fantastic to look at. Aidra teases with her face and body before kneeling between two dicks and getting busy. Her eye contact is fantastic as her lips open wide for some deep face fucking. It doesn’t take long for the drool to run down her chin and onto her tits. Getting messy doesn’t slow down the pretty girl and she even tries to take them even deeper. Aidra gets huge points for both sloppy head (If you’re into that) and deep throat in this scene. After some great ball sucking she gets down her knees and takes two very messy facials.

Brooklyn GrayBrooklyn GrayVicki Chase

If you are going to make a movie about oral sex and throat fucking, it is a wide move to include one of the industry’s best cock suckers (with the hardware to prove it). Vicki Chase looks great as she teases us briefly before getting her lips around some hard meat. She goes deep immediately because this is called throat fucks and because she is just that damn good. Things get wet and sloppy really quickly. Vicki looks right into the camera, licking and sucking his balls and making every guy watching wish that we had our own POV line. Things get super messy as she hangs upside-down with the drool getting all over her face. They clean her up just in time to have him shoot a huge load all over her. Great deep throat action and a perfect finish to this opening scene.

Eliza Ibarra

Next up is Eliza Ibarra who always unbearably cute, but this time also looks just off the charts gorgeous. As soon as a hard cock gets close to her lips, Eliza opens them and starts sucking. The eye contact is great and things get messy very quickly. I know how many people love that, but I really like the fact that they clean her up after a few minutes so we can enjoy some goo-free deep throat action. She looks so good sucking dick and the big smile on her face makes everything just that much hotter. Eliza takes it deep and stares into the camera while being fed a big wad of ball batter. She is one of my absolute favorite performers. That face is just too fucking cute.

Lilly Hall

Lilly Hall is a very pretty young woman who starts her scene with her legs spread wide and some toy play that has her pussy gushing in no time. Warmed up and ready, she lets us know how much more wants. Her throat opens and she has drool flowing over her chin in no time. That only gets messier when he flips her upside down and fucks her face while her head hangs over the edge. Lilly makes great eye contact with the camera in another scene really impressive scene ending with a shot on her pretty face.

Chloe Cherry

Dirty talking blonde Chloe Cherry makes it clear what she wants even before she gets her lips around a hard cock. There are two for her, so her hands stay busy as she works her mouth back and forth. The messier things get, the harder she strokes and the deeper she tries to take their hard pricks. During some upside down footage, she makes a point of looking into the camera while the drool runs down her face. Chloe finishes on her knees between the two guys as they jerk off and she fills the air with a lusty litany of verbal filth that helps them launch loads of liquid love onto her smiling face.

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