OnlyFans After 50? Top Model Elaina St. James Says You Take That to the Bank!

OnlyFans After 50? Top Model Elaina St. James Says You Take That to the Bank!

(Chicago, IL / September 28, 2021) – Think OnlyFans is only a moneymaker for twenty-somethings? Elaina St. James, a 54-year-old single mom from the Midwest, says that age is only a number if you know how to make the most of your talents!

St. James, who currently sits atop the fan platform’s 1% of models and earns more money than she ever dreamed as a solo creator, joined OnlyFans when she needed fast cash to pay for her son’s braces. After the first month, “I made almost as much as I did working at my sales job for 40 hours a week,” she says. “By month two I had already doubled my regular income.”

She explains that upon reading about a Mom who had struck it rich by adult modeling on OnlyFans, she researched the service and “kept running across older women like me that didn’t have ‘perfect’ bodies, yet had thousands of followers on social media.” St. James’ first step was to build her own following; in a few short weeks she built an enviable fan base of 10,000 Instagram followers.

“Is there a market for mature glamour models? Hell yes! But to achieve success in a crowded, competitive field, you’re going to have to work for it,” she adds. “Think about your niche – I’m real and authentic and playfully wicked – and I smile a lot! I have fun doing this and it shows!”

St. James notes that new models will have to generate “plenty of marketing efforts outside of OnlyFans to raise your public online profile – there’s no other way to get people in – and your efforts must stay consistent and true to what your fans want, even if it takes more time and energy. I asked my subscribers lots of questions in order to give them the best content AND find out how to acquire more subscribers like them.

“I noticed that the Reels feature on Instagram received a lot of views, “so I started making dancing reels – a big part of my success, as the Instagram Algorithm was clearly rewarding those using this feature. I also paid attention to what other models were doing: poses, colors and looks that got the best engagement, and incorporated those elements into my brand. TikTok-style videos are currently very popular, so that is what I am focused on now.

“What I’ve learned is this: if you’re a model over 40 or 50, men in their late 20s and 30s are your primary OnlyFans audience; they want to see our voluptuous, more experienced bodies – they value our authenticity. For me, the payoff has been overwhelming in more ways than one.”

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