It’s Monday, Must be Time for a New List


List #66 September 9, 2002

10 Burning Questions

1. Is it mandatory that all male employees of the Disney Store be gay?

2. If Barry Bonds weren’t such an asshole for all those years, just how popular would be right now?

3. Is there anything at all that can save VHS?

4. If they weren’t owned by the same media corporation, how badly would Howard Stern rip Tom Leykis for stealing his act and sounding like a complete ass clown?

5. How long will it be before Tom Green is doing those annoying 1-800-CALL-ATT commercials?

6. Why am I not surprised that none of my good, liberal friends who spoke out so vehemently against the Bush tax cut last year took me up on my offer to donate mine rebate to whatever cause they deemed worthy enough to give up their own jack to.

7. Did doing a naked Voodoo dance with chicken blood in “Angel Heart” kill Lisa Bonet’s career, or was it working with Mickey Roarke that did the trick?

8. Is there a hotter girl on the planet than Kirsten Dunst?

9. Which boy band member is the odds-on favorite to go to jail first for sex in a public restroom?

10. Is there a more self righteous prick in all the world than Martin Sheen?

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