Blacked: Black & White 17

Blacked: Black & White 17

Movie Type: Vignette
160 Mins
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Threesomes, DP, Big Cocks, Cheating
STARS: Alexis Tae, Hazel Moore, Isiah Maxwell, Jason Luv, Jax Slayher, Karla Kush, Lilly Bell, Pressure, Prince Yahshua, Sly Diggler


This collection of scenes from features everything fans have come to expect. Great looking women, well-hung male talent, beautiful locations and very well shot sex. It also features some nicely done setups that add to the action. Getting a little meta, Karla Kush shows up to discuss her Blacked showcase and decides to practice her two on one movies with a really hot DP scene. The pre-sex action in the Lilly Bell scene is a lot of fun to watch and offers as close to a slow burn seduction as you are going to find in porn today. Alexis Tae seduces her brother in law and then gives a blistering hot payoff scene. Hazel Moore stars in the finale as a young woman who believes that more is most definitely always more. She is dating one sexy dude with a huge dick and decides that simultaneously banging his best friend is a logical next step. The resulting three-way fuck finishes the movie perfectly. This is a really good looking movie with a lovely cast hot sex and a good balance of heat and fantasy appeal to make it onto your must-see list.

Karla Kush, Isaiah Maxwell & Jason Luv

Karla Kush shows up at the Blacked offices to talk about a showcase. She takes a private meeting with Isiah Maxwell and Jason Luv. She wants to do something really big and that seems to give the guys an idea. Why not gets started with her first DP right there on the desk? They whip out their cocks and she is happy to see just how much meat she can stuff in her mouth. Moving her head back and forth and pumping both at once while she looks up with her eyes wide open. She gets them both really wet with plenty of drool to get them ready to slide into her other holes. Karla throws her legs back and lets Jason pumps her pussy. She adds some hot dirty talk and plenty of energy as he goes deep. The guys switch places with Karla being just as thrilled by Isiah as she was by Jason. They move to her ass while she slips her fingers into her pussy and moans loudly. They finally oil up her ass and give her the double penetration. The action is very well shot and the guys work well together to keep her stretched and pumped.

Lilly Bell & Sly Diggler

Lilly Bell enjoys the life that her boyfriend provides. His hard work leaves her alone with her toy too often. She is able to get off just fine, but is starting to feel lonely. Sly is staying at their house and one day things get steamy, ending in a kiss. After trying to be good for a moment, she invites Sly into her bedroom to pick up where they left off. He dives right into bed and warms her up with his tongue. She returns the favor, grabbing his massive cock and rubbing it on her lips before enthusiastically sucking the head. The BJ is short but hot before he turns her around and goes very deep with strokes from behind. Taking every inch, she throws her legs in the air and finds that his dick is just way better than her vibrator. He holds her hips while she is on top of him and he dumps a big load up into her pussy.

Alexis Tae & Prince Yahshua

After dark, sexy college girls are busy finding older married men. At least that is the way things work to hear Alexis Tae tell it. Prince is married to her older sister, but that doesn’t stop her from taking advantage of tension in the marriage. The only question is how much of a token fight he will put up when she turns her attention to getting him into bed. (Spoiler alert: The answer is none, none at all.) Alexis kisses her way down his chest until she finds his cock hard and waiting. She is very skilled with her hands and mouth and knows that she has him right where she wants him. The full length of his meat glistens with her spit as she displays some amazing double-fisted fun. Finally ready for the main event, she climbs on top and shows off her athletic legs as she squat fucks him. Alexis has some really tight abs and shows off her great body beautifully. Her ass is all oiled up so the cheeks shine when she bounces on top. She loves it when he pushes deep into her and bangs her hips back down to meet his powerful strokes. He shoots a big load into her pussy and she licks him completely clean with a wicked smile on her pretty face.

Hazel Moore, Jax Slayher & Pressure

Cute young Hazel Moore believes it is better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission. That kind of attitude can get a girl into a lot of trouble. It can also get her into some hot situations. That happens when she meets her boyfriend’s friend Pressure. She is happy with Jax, but hey, why not chase after the shiny new toy. Even as she starts to make a move, she knows it might not be a good idea. Luckily this is porn so when Jax inevitably catches those fucking, he just whips out his dick and lets his pretty girlfriend get to work. With two big dicks in her, she bucks her hips and strokes hard with her fist. They both enjoy some really good looking head before switching places for more spit roasting. There is a lot of really good footage of her body as she rides. Fans of skin contrast will also love the way her super pale flesh looks while she is working between these dark gentlemen. They tease her ass for a bit before going for the big move by stuffing her tight ass with a huge cock. The DP footage is really solid here with the guys supplying two long dicks for her holes and Hazel rocking back with a great deal of enthusiasm.

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