Watching My Hotwife 8

Watching My Hotwife 8

Movie Type: Vignette
125 Mins
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Eddie Powell
THEMES: Hotwife, POV, Dirty Talk
STARS: Natasha Nice, Jake Adams, Ryan Keely, Michael Stefano, Jane Wilde, Dante Colle, Maddy May, Ramon Nomar


Sticking with one of their favorite themes, New Sensations rolls out another four scenes of hotwife viewing. They have a few lines focusing on hotwifing and this one adds in interaction with the camera/husband. So there is a voyeuristic wrinkle and lots of hot talk in each scene. Adding to the success of this flick, is a cast that knows how to do more than just look good while they fuck. The interaction and hot talk is key and the cast handles it very well. Veteran performer Ryan Keely opens the movie. She knows exactly how to talk to the camera as she gets dicked down. Natasha Nice does even better with her sexy talk and showing off her wonderful natural assets. This is my favorite scene of the movie and is a perfect example of how much fun this genre can be with the right female performer taking the lead. Jane Wilde is lovely and talks well to the camera during her scene. Maddy May rounds out the cast with another scene that fits the genre nicely. This is a great movie if you like the hotwife interaction angle and especially if you enjoy Ryan Keely or Natasha Nice who are fantastic here.

Ryan Keely & Michael Stefano

While getting all dressed up, Ryan Keely expression her appreciation for her husband being so understanding. She is happy to still be allowed to take “strange dick” and to have him watch. Excited to meet the man her husband picked out, Ryan is pleased when Michael Stefano comes up behind her and starts kissing her neck. Wasting little time, she gets out of her bra and onto her knees to suck his cock. Ryan takes it deep and makes a show of removing her wedding ring. Her interaction with the camera is a key to the fantasy play here. She is happy and makes sure that her man is enjoying the show. Dropping her hips down on his dick, she wiggles her ass and rides hard. She interacts well with the camera, but also settles in to enjoy the new cock she is getting. Very solid energy on display here. They finish up with a nice big shot onto her smiling face. Ryan plays the fantasy perfectly and delivers a very solid scene.

Natasha Nice & Jake Adams

For their anniversary, Natasha Nice and her husband have rented a gorgeous house for a getaway. Natasha has noticed that the homeowner seemed to be staring at her tits and wonders if her man might enjoy watching her fuck the handsome stranger. She invites Jake back to the room and lets him know what they have in mind. Jake is a little unsure at first, but who can resist this beautiful woman and her fantastical rack? She lets him suck on them for a bit while getting undressed and grabbing his dick. As she starts blowing him, Natasha flashes her wedding ring and her beautiful eyes to the camera. She puts on a great show, but also seems to be really enjoying the strange dick. It slips nicely into her wet pussy and she gets her body moving to take every inch. When she gets on top and starts bouncing that ass, the shots are great, but when she turns around to face the camera things really heat up. Now we get to watch her buck her hips and bounce those big natural tits while she puts on a show. There is some really hot footage in missionary where he pushes one of her boobs to her mouth so she can suck it while he fucks her. When she does interact with the camera, Natasha adds some sexy hot talk. She really does this well at the end of the scene as he unloads on her boobs and she licks it up while showing off for her man (and all of us.) Hot scene from a very hot fantasy hotwife.

Jane Wilde & Dante Colle

Jane Wilde wakes up her man with a smile. Her lover is right behind her and he wakes up with more on his mind than coffee. Give them credit for an interesting way to open the scene. She plays to the camera and the close quarters make it easy to stay focused on her pretty face as she starts sucking his cock. They slide into 69 so they can both use their mouths. Jane faces the camera while she rides him, talking as she enjoys her lover’s dick. Good interaction here and Jane is certainly lovely to look at. There is some really good hotwife fantasy footage when she gets off his dick and is kissing Dante while talking to the camera. From a purely visual standpoint, the doggy is pretty hot, especially when she is looking right into the camera. On her back she is busy talking to her hubby while he pulls out and shoots all over her bush.

Maddy May & Ramon Nomar

Last up is Maddy May who has Ramon sit in a chair while she talks to her husband for a few seconds. As soon as he gets in bed with the young, tattooed wife, Ramon takes over. He blindfolds her with his tie and teases her nipples with his fingers. Maddy responds well and obeys his commands to rub her pussy while he gets undressed and then starts eating her. Once they are ready, she takes off the tie and talks to her man while she bobs her head on Ramon’s knob. She is at her best when she is on top working her hips and keeping things movie on the hotwife fantasy front. There is a lot of play with the camera as well as some good energy here. He pulls out and shoot all over her belly. Some of the scenes have better fantasy interaction and more star power, but this is solid, good looking scene that plays to the fantasy well.

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