Why Do Women Like Large Dildos? [Should Men Be Worried?]

Why Do Women Like Large Dildos? [Should Men Be Worried?]

Spoiler alert: No, men need not be worried.

If that hasn’t put your mind to rest yet, you’re not the only one asking this question. Sex toy shops and websites are full of large dildos, some as long as 12 inches! Many men compare their manhood to those gigantic plastic penises and wonder whether they are big enough to satisfy women.

Even women who prefer smaller dildos sometimes get confused when they see a woman buying a monster dildo.

Does dildo size really matter?

Depends on who you’re asking. Every woman is different, and so is every vagina. It’s all about personal preferences, and there could be several reasons why a woman could be attracted towards large dildos. At the same time, her size preference for real penises might not be as big.

It’s not always about penetration. It’s about personal taste.

Reasons Why Women Buy Large Dildos

The Need for a Handle

Women who own large dildos might not necessarily insert all of it inside their privates. Mostly, it’s about the practicality that comes with a longer dildo. You get more surface area to grip and hold on to like a handle, which will make it easier to use it. Also, many women like moving around the dildos in different motions for better stimulation, which becomes easier with a longer dildo.

More ‘Full-filling’

Larger dildos are obviously girthier, and some women just love that. A longer, thicker dildo reaches far into the vagina and fits much more tightly and fully than an average penis. It also makes it much easier to stimulate the G-spot, A-spot (female prostate), and other erogenous zones that might be located deeper inside.

Besides, some women are into extreme penetration as they find it more intense and satisfying. A large dildo does the job easily.

Element of Fantasy

You can’t ignore the fact that there are women who love large penises and fantasize about them during masturbation. However, since men with such monster jewels are not easy to come by, those women turn to large dildos for satisfaction.

For others, it might just be a one-time fantasy or something they would like to do with their partner. Since large dildos are also available with strap-ons, it allows partners to experiment and fulfil their kinks.

Visual Appeal

Similar to how some men find women with extra-large breasts sexy, some women are attracted towards large penises. Even if they might not use it entirely for penetration, the sheer visual presence of a huge dildo might get their imagination running and help them masturbate to their fantasies. Simply put, it’s a great erotic mantelpiece for many.


It’s very common for people to try new things as they go deeper into the exploration of their sexuality. A large dildo might either be a newfound interest or just a phase a woman is going through while experimenting with various sex toys. It’s totally normal!

How Large are Large Dildos?

While size can be subjective, we can safely say that anything longer than nine inches can qualify as a large dildo. The girth or thickness of the dildo also needs to be taken into account. Sex toy manufacturers produce dildos of all sizes to cater to everyone’s preferences.

It is possible that a seven-inch dildo might be too long for someone, while another woman might need no less than eleven inches for complete satisfaction. When it comes to large dildos, 10” and 12” options are the most popular. However, you might even come across 15” monstrous dildos on some websites.

Clearly, large dildos are very popular among women. But, that shouldn’t make men uncomfortable or insecure about their size.

Men Shouldn’t Feel Insecure (It’s Not About Them)

A dildo, no matter how large, can never replace the real thing. So, in order to get closer to the same sensation as they have with a partner, some women might need to use a bigger dildo. This is understandable and logical since dildos cannot move and thrust the same way actual penises can.

Women liking large dildos isn’t a statement about men not being big enough. It’s what works for those women during masturbation. As many Reddit users have rightly stated, if women shouldn’t feel insecure about large, fake breasts in porn, men shouldn’t feel insecure about large dildos.

Instead, they should gladly gift their women a large dildo if they like it!

Choosing the Right Large Dildo for Your Woman

Before you start looking for large dildos, you need to set your expectations right. ‘Large’ could mean differently for different women. For example, if you are 6” down there and your partner enjoys it, an 8” dildo would feel large to her. If she’s used to a larger penis or toy already, then you would need to get a 10” or 12” dildo.

If she hasn’t purchased a large dildo before or hasn’t taken in a large penis, it’s better to start off slow. A 7” or 8” dildo would be a good place to start, and she could work her way up once she’s comfortable.

It’s a good idea to communicate with her and ask whether she really needs a large dildo. Sometimes, what some women need is both external and internal stimulation together. You could ask your partner to use a regular dildo while you stimulate her clit orally. If going solo, she could use a thrusting vibrator or a dildo with an extra vibrator to reach orgasm.

Women don’t necessarily need a large dildo to orgasm. But if it works for your woman, then don’t feel shy to check out the thickest dildos here.

Final Thoughts

It is clear that women like large dildos for several reasons, and it all boils down to their personal preferences. Some like it small, and some like it very big. Some women like an intense stretch and a big dildo could improve their sex lives so much. And it’s not just women—even men like playing around with large dildos during anal sessions.

Having said that, it’s important to not rush with such toys. Using them too roughly or incorrectly can lead to serious internal injuries.

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