Vixen Vibes 2

Vixen Vibes 2

Movie Type: All Sex
252 Mins
THEMES: Threesomes, Outdoor Sex, Eye Candy

STARS: Jessie Saint, Kiara Cole, Kenna James, Naomi Swann, Jessica Portman, Ellie Leen, Johnny Castle, Mick Blue, Alberto Blanco, Christian Clay


This is a beautifully shot movie with stunning locations and more than its share of sexual heat. It is fantastic eye candy and fantasy fodder. There are a couple of really hot three-way scenes that stand out. Mick Blue ends up sharing his bed with both Kenna James and Naomi Swann and that turns out every bit as hot as you might imagine. Jessie Saint and Kiara Cole are the other pair that work with a lucky guy for a hot threesome. They are friends who like sharing married guys. Again, lucky day to be on set for Johnny Castle as these two lovely ladies wear him out. Jessica Portman and Ellie Leen star in one on one scene. Both feature some lovely outdoor locations to add to the eye candy. I love the way these look and the lavish locations made these nice couple-friendly eye candy scenes. This is a great movie for anyone who enjoys the Vixen label. Great looking people having beautifully shot sex in gorgeous locations.

Kenna James, Naomi Swann & Mick Blue

Kenna James is seeing an older guy (Mick) when she meets Naomi Swann on a modeling gig. The two women hit it off and also start dating. When Kenna has to deal with jealousy she decides to put the two in the same room with her and see if they can find a way to get along. Mick is no fool and after watching the two women kiss, he learns to enjoy Naomi’s company. Her mouth on his cock probably helps quite a bit. Kenna watches, but wants to get in on the action. Let’s give some props to the hair and makeup here because both are exquisite. Of course both women are gorgeous and watching them take turns on his dick or sucking in tandem is pretty perfect. Not content with just sucking it, Kenna rides his cock and then helps guide her girlfriend through some hot looking cowgirl. The eye candy is fantastic, but Kenna also directs the action in a way that fits the set up and adds a very sexy emotional layer to the visuals. They finish with a shared facial and a romantic cum swapping kiss.

Jessica Portman & Alberto Blanco

Jessica Portman and Alberto Blanco are having a drink at poolside when they decide that a walk on the beach and a boat ride might be even more fun. Finding a secluded spot with the surf breaking around their feet, they get a little naughty. This gives us some fantastic footage of Jessica giving head right there with the water lapping at her feet. As hot as this is, they head back to have some private time. She gets naked and spreads her legs, pointing her toes while he explores between her thighs with his tongue. He gets her wet enough to just slide right in and start pumping. This is beautifully shot sex with a lovely backdrop and if you like watching pretty women curl their toes, you are going to find it extra-hot. After she cums all over his dick, Jessica gets back between his legs and licks his stick clean. Getting back on top, she faces the camera and grinds like a champ. She finishes with a shot onto her pretty face.

Jessie Saint, Kiara Cole & Johnny Castle

Jessie Saint and Kiara Cole are such good friends that people mistake them for twins. They are so in sync that they find themselves spending weekends together out of town. When they do, they like to rent a room in a private residence so they can play seduction games with the married dudes who own the property Johnny Castle is their latest target and he doesn’t stand a chance against this double dose of blonde slut power. One look at these two hotties kissing each other and he’s already out of excuses. They stop kissing each other long enough to double up on his dick. He stands them up for some standing doggy. The girls have great chemistry and their interaction makes this scene even hotter. When one is being fucked, she keeps her mouth busy on her friend and that just adds so much to the action. The petite blonde is cock hungry and works him over in a way his wife certainly can’t. They end up with a shared facial and back to kissing, this time sucking cream from each other’s lips.

Ellie Leen & Christian Clay

Gorgeous brunette Ellie Leen shows off her lean body on the beach. She is doing a photoshoot for Christian and finds herself getting turned on posing for his camera. They hit it off quickly enough and she drops to her knees on the sand to suck his cock. I love the outdoor footage and it doesn’t stop at oral. They get into the sand and she rides him hard. They are somewhat limited on positions because of the sand, but watching this pretty girl bounce her hips with the waves crashing in the background is pretty sexy. She sucks him clean and they find a little grassy spot nearby where he flips her over and holds her legs up high. Deciding to finish up in the sand, they get into spoon until he is ready to feed her his load of cream. This is a great scene if you like super thin models or sex on the beach.

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