Taken to the Edge 2

Taken to the Edge 2

Movie Type: Oral
123 Mins
Adam & Eve
DIRECTOR: Andre Madness
WEBSITE: www.adameve.com
THEMES: Oral Sex, POV, Edging, Handjobs
STARS: London River, Christie Stevens, Kate Kennedy, Karla Kush, Kay Carter, Katie Monroe, Alex Lynx, Allison Avery, Paris White



This is a very specific oral sex movie. As you can guess from the title, it features edging which is kind of tough to do in a porn flick considering true edging would likely require a more open-ended time frame. Instead we get women talking about edging and then using whatever little tricks they like to drive their partners crazy. Hey, in the end we have a mostly POV BJ movie and that’s pretty good anyway. The cast is all right. It isn’t packed with A-list stars, but the women are good looking, give good head and offer a nod to the theme throughout the action. Other than the final scene which features a two on one and the slight variations in edge play, there isn’t much variety here. It is what it is and does what it does.

London River

Busty blonde London River is new to edging, but has the basics down. Immediately getting into action, she stares up at the camera and slowly licks a modest shaft. It is mostly a POV scene with some nice shots of her big knockers mixed in with a stationary side angle. She strips down and puts her pussy right next to his cock, but this is strictly an oral scene so she gets back to sucking. There isn’t much edge play during this rather methodical BJ, but she does manage to stroke out a good load into her fist. The best part is probably the way she licks it up after.

Christie Stevens

Christie Stevens is also a little unclear on the whole edging thing, but is happy to suck cock while smiling at the camera. Using her fingernails on the shaft, Christie does things slowly at first, building up speed with her hands and mouth and then backing off to give a little verbal taunting. She has this down pretty well for someone new to the activity. When she does finally get that load, Christie licks her fingers clean and plays with it like it’s a reward.

Kate Kennedy

Kate Kennedy says she loves to edge the guys she dates. She says that it is a perfect thing to do while watching a movie, keeping her partner hard the whole time. Starting off with some wet, expert hand action she works the shaft while teasing with her voice. After a few minutes she takes off her top and works her tongue over the head of the dick. As she gets near the end, Kate stares right into the camera and wags her tongue back and forth across the head of the dick that is how she holds her mouth as she makes him cum.

Karla Kush

Stating that she loves to tease Karla Kush shows how she likes to get a guy hard slowly with her hands before bringing her mouth into the action. She easily handles the moderate member and keeps it stiff at a board. The POV shots are good and she throws some hot talk around in between a lot of moaning. Sticking to the theme, she gets him close a few times before taking him over the edge. When she gets the load in her hands, she keeps stroking and licks him clean.

Kay Carter

Blonde Kay Carter likes the psychological play involved in edging. She wants to control when the guy gets to cum and knows fun ways to keep him right on the brink. Most of them have to do with her hand and mouth, but she is also fond of showing off her lovely ass. She turns back around and works a load out before licking her fingers clean.

Katie Monroe

Blonde MILF Katie Monroe considers edging to be a very romantic thing. She describes what she likes to do and then demonstrates. Her full lips seem to focus on the head while she uses both hands to stimulate and control the shaft. With some added spit, she keeps things moving along nicely. When he pops, she has both of her hands on his cock as it shoots a really big load all over her hands. Katie continues to stroke and milk until he is done. She licks her fingers clean and smiles at a job well done.

Alix Lynx

For Alix Lynx, edging is a fun game to play. She plays it for the camera with her mouth open and devious smile in her eyes. Once she gets her mouth going for a while, Alix stops, takes off her bra and panties and then uses the soft cloth to enhance the fun. Throw in some gentle blowing and a lot of soft kisses from her full lips and she definitely works the guy over a bit. Her wide open mouth makes for a good target when he is finally allowed to bust his nut.

Allison Avery & Paris White

If edging with one woman is hot, then two must be doubly so, right? The blondes take turns sucking and stripping, leaving one mouth open for some hot talk and taunting while the other sucks. Things really pick up when they put their heads together and deliver a super-hot double BJ. Listening to them encourage one another is another nice aspect to this scene. They work together and keep their mouths close as they share the final load of the flick in fine style.

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