Francesca Le is a Hotwife 3

Francesca Le is a Hotwife 3

Movie Type: All Sex
165 Mins
Evil Angel/LeWood
DIRECTOR: Francesca Le & Mark Wood
THEMES: MILF, Hotwife, Anal Sex,
STARS: Francesca Le, Zac Wilde, Logan Long, Oliver Flynn, Sterling Cooper



This is a showcase that is sure to please fans of Francesca Le. She stars in four new anal scenes with lucky young studs. Showing off the skills she has perfected during her fantastic adult career, Francesca earns every minute of on-screen heat. She looks fantastic, showing off a tight body and a truly spectacular ass. We are treated to a couple of really nice tease segments as well. And lest we forget in all the anal goodness, Francesca is a very pretty woman with a spectacular rack. They play up the hotwife angle a bit as she basically conducts her own casting couch with the four guys. Francesca doesn’t exactly have to twist anyone’s arm to get them to give her a private audition. All four scenes feature well shot anal sex and big loads on her pretty face. If you are a fans of Francesca Le (As I most certainly am) this movie, like its two predecessors, is a must own title for your collection.

Francesca Le & Zac Wilde

After a good ten minutes of hot tease footage, Francesca is ready to really show off. She is Zac’s boss and has noticed that he takes lunches with a parade of young Latinas. Showing him plenty of cleavage she asks if he has ever experienced a mature Latin woman. He has not and happily accepts her offer to give that a try. After playing with her tits momentarily, Zac leans back and gets some expert head from Francesca. She devours his dick like she is hungry and won’t stop until she gets her fill. To that end he gives her all he has before moving between her legs to slide into that pussy. I like the leg shots, as he gets her into position to give her ass a try. This is where things really pick up. She does a quick round of A2M and then rides him with her round ass taking up the shot and her tight asshole swallowing his pole. As good as the oral sex was, the anal is even better. Francesca is a great performer and she breaks out some serious dirty talk at the end while she strokes him to a big load right onto her face.

Francesca Le & Logan Long

Logan Long comes by for a go-see to be in future LeWood projects. It turns into a casting couch session when Francesca Le decides to try him out personally. He happily agrees and pulls out a cock that is certainly impressive. From her knees, Francesca gets to work sucking it and whipping out her tits for a sloppy round of cleavage boffing. Great looking head is followed up by some creative footage of Logan eating her ass while Francesa’s feet are in perfect positon to keep him throbbing between her soles. She hops up on top and starts riding, making sure to test every last inch of his meat. There is some really nice looking, aggressive tit fucking in between the fantastic anal action. Francesca takes it in the ass with incredible energy and shows off her flexibility by grabbing her heels and pulling them back behind her head. Logan lets loose with some seriously deep and hard backdoor strokes before he unloads his sack all over Francesca’s smiling face. As we would expect, she does not let up until he is drained of every drop of cream. I have a feeling he will be getting a call back for future scenes.

Francesca Le & Oliver Flynn

After another nice round of tease Francesca sits down with Oliver. She explains that when her husband is away, he doesn’t want her to be lonely. Totally understandable of course and Mark doesn’t even mind if she has a little fun. Good news for Oliver who is the lucky dick this hot wife wants to use recreationally. She does a little seductive sexy talk before taking his big dick out of his pants and putting her lips around it. It rises quickly thanks to her skilled sucking. Good looking head, but the reverse cowgirl is really what kicks this scene off. She works her hips and shows us just what a dynamic performer she is. He has a job to do and he does it well, giving the horny hotwife all the dick he can. She takes it hard in the ass, dismounts for A2M and climbs back up for more. There is some really nice looking doggy with Francesca fucked hard enough to make her tits really shake. She takes another big load on her face after a memorable anal scene.

Francesca Le & Sterling Cooper

Francesca gives Mark a call and lets him know that Sterling is at the house to play. They give him a little peek before getting down to business. She takes his thick cock out of his pants and starts sucking it. Wonderfully loud, and willing to sing his praises between sucks Francesca rubs her tits in his face, gags on his dick and jerks it like she’s trying to start a fire. Flipping her over, he starts fucking her pussy hard enough to really get her going. Great looking action what is followed up by a hot BJ and of course, anal sex? No way she is going to let him get away without fucking her ass. Francesca rides the dick and at one point reaches around the grab his nuts like she might never let go. As usual, she sets the pace and fucks him back as hard as he fucks her. The doggy goes on for some times and looks great if you like watching energetic anal from an angle that fills the screen with a sexy ass, bouncing tits and deep penetration. They finish off with a very big load shot onto Francesca’s face. Another hot finish to another great scene in his fantastic showcase.

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