Revenge Fucks

Revenge Fucks

Movie Type: All Sex
111 Mins
Reality Junkies

DIRECTOR: Bobby Manilla
THEMES: Cheating, Interracial Sex, Dirty Talk, Revenge, Cuckold, Big Cock, BBC

STARS: Savannah Fox, Cherie DeVille, Sarah Vandella, Nikki Delano, Nat Turner, Tee Reel, Isaiah Maxwell, Sean Michaels,


The title is specific, but this is a collection of four IR cuckold scenes. The wives are in fact getting revenge so there is that added little bit of naughtiness. The scenarios are pretty simple and lead into the action. Most of the cast does a decent job of playing those aspects up. Sarah Vandella is exceptionally good at the pre-scene acting and then just drive the point home throughout her scene. She stands out in very possible way. Seuxally Sarah shines, especially when she is using her mouth to deep throat a cock or shit talk her husband into a whimpering ball of cuckold cheese. If you’re only looking for one scene to watch in the movie, this would be it. Nikki Delano also turns up the cuckold heat quite a bit. The pre-action isn’t great, but once she gets started, her dirty mouth goes off non-stop. Savannah Fox and Cherie DeVille round out the cast. Both of them know how to get what they need while keeping hubby nearby. If you like up close and vocal cuckold action, then enjoy these wives as they get plenty of revenge dick at the expense of their hapless hubbies.

Savannah Fox & Sean Michaels

Savannah Fox is a curvy wife with a quick trigger. She storms out of a fight with her husband and returns with Sean Michales moments later. Sean is their neighbor and is happy to give Savannah what she needs. They make her husband watch, but he rather likes the idea. Savannah gives some very loud head, talking with her husband the whole time. She likes Sean’s big meat and wants to see what it feels like inside of her. First he outs her on the bed right next to her husband so she can further taunt him while Sean eats her ass. The action takes place as clsoe to her husband as possible and she never stops interacting with him. If that is what you are looking for, then this is going to be perfect. Sean fucks her pretty hard, especially from behind and her dirty talk never stops. During some reverse cowgirl, she squirts and tells her husband he is going to have watch her cum “over and over.” Sean leaves his load on her tongue and Savannah makes her husband watch as she sucks out every last drop.

Sarah Vandella & Isaiah Maxwell

All Sarah Vandella wants to do is spend some time with her husband. He is too busy working though. At least that is what he tells her. When Sarah finds a note from a woman in his bag, she plots a bit of revenge. Inviting her husband’s best friend (Isiah Maxwell) over, Sarah gets right to the point and has his cock in her mouth when hubby comes home. She makes him watch as she starts demonstrating her extraordinary deep throat skills.It is a great show for us, but he seems less than pleased. Sarah squats over his dick and bounes with joy, giving her man a good view and not sparing his feelings with her verbal barbs. Sarah is always good for fantastic energy, hot dirty talk and plenty of eye candy. Isaiah has to hold her hips to keep her from rocking it too hard in cowgirl. Sarah is not afraid to ask for what she needs and doesn’t care how her man feels about it any more. She is loving the big dick. Her deep throat skills come back into play and a re as amazing as ever. Isaiah gives her another solid pounding before basically missing her face and tits with his cumshot. Sarah is looking the other way talking shit to her husband as he unloads. Super hot scene if you like Sarah and if you don’t, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Nikki Delano & Tee Reel

Nikki Delano is married to a chavansit who feels the need to degrade her in front of Tee Reel. She grabs him by the nuts and decides to make him watch while she fuckes Tee. (No one is looking for Oscar caliber acting, but the “getting there” part of this scene is eye rollingly bad.) Nikki strips and starts bobbing her blonde head in Tee’s lap, talking shit to her husband and shoving her crotch into Tee’s face when she wants oral attention. They fuck on the couch while Nikki degrades her husband for the size of his cock. Nice leg shots and then when she takes ther turn riding, she bounces that ass pretty well. The relentless and harsh cuckold conversation is what makes this scene stand out. Tee finishes off with a shot on her ass. Nikki fucks and sucks with a lot of energy, but her mouth is what drives the action. If you’re not interested in that, move on.

Cherie DeVille & Nat Turnher

Nat is staying with his boss, Cherie DeVille and her husband. She does not hide her contempt for her husband or her lust for Nat in the slightest. Hubby doesn’t seem to mind as he sits and watch his blonde wife strip for their handsome houseguest. Cherie drools on Nat’s dick and tells her husband that she might suck him off if his cock were so big and beautiful. Nothing to worry about there, he will just sit in the corner with his little dick while Nat takes the blonde wife from behind. She loves the deep strokes and shows off her legs and ass nicely. The talk is a lot less harsh this time around which may or may not be good depending on your preference. It does allow for more focus on the energy and eye candy. Cherie still talks shit of course, but she does it while sticking her ass out and being pounded so it’s more of a blanced attack. Late in the scene she starts talking about buying a strap on for her husband to use soe she can feel it. Taht certainly amps up the cuck talk before the popshot. Nat again misses her face, some gets in her hair, but this movie seems to doing its best to create massive misfire questions when it comes to the nut shots.

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