Lesbian Cheating Wives 2

Lesbian Cheating Wives 2


Movie Type: All Girl
155 Mins

WEBSITE: www.girlgirl.com
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Cheating, Threesomes, Natural Tits, Strap On Sex

STARS: Christiana Cinn, Abigail Mac, Aidra Fox, Kenzie Taylor, Laney Grey, Penny Pax, Darcie Dolce, Gia Dimarco, Karla Kush


Ladies, sometimes it seems like you get the short end of the stick in relationships. Men can be dogs who cheat at the drop of a G string. But be careful. As this movie proves, things are not always better on the other side of the fence. The firmly committed lesbian wives step out on their ladies and have plenty of fun. To be fair, some of it as much hotwiving as it is cheating, but it still falls into that general category. The scenarios are fun, especially since they are generally well-acted. That adds a nice layer to the action. This is perhaps best displayed in the opening scene. Penny Pax is pretty fantastic and a scheming ex who gets way more than she bargained for. This is probably my favorite scene of the bunch and if you love big natural tits, give it a few bonus spank points. I really enjoyed the sex, but the set up and Penny’s reaction nearly stole the show. Abigail Mac suspects Christiana Cinn of cheating and uses that to fuel a very dominant sex drive. The scene itself is very hot and might be the best sexual actin of the movie. Laney Grey shows up to give married lesbians Aidra Fox and Kenzie Taylor a little spice and a whole lot of three-way sex. Karla Kush and Gia Demarco hook up in the finale. They have great chemistry and provide some of the hottest action of the movie. This is a well-made lesbian flick with some specific roleplay/fantasy appeal. If it’s up your alley, consider it a home run.

Penny Pax & Darcie Dolce

Penny Pax is stalking her ex and his new wife, Darcie Dolce. Thanks to some serious spy gear she overhears him trying to pitch a threesome to her. Darcie shoots down most of his ideas, including hiring an escort. Looking for revenge Penny shows up at the door fresh from the escort service. The plan goes south when instead of being angry, Darcie wants to get started without her man. Darcie is aggressive and absolutely loves Penny’s tits. Penny does a really find job of acting in this scene. Her plan has gone awry and she doesn’t know what to do next. Her performance adds a layer of authenticity that is really fun to watch. Darcie is instant and had Penny going down for the first time. Penny is a quick learner and makes Darcie cum in record time. They switch places and Penny likes what Darcie does to her pussy. The plan changes and she gets fully behind the idea of fucking her ex’s new hot wife. These two naturally busty women look great together an\s they grind their pussies together. What happens when her husband comes home and finds his ex and his wife fucking? That will have to be for a different movie.

Abigail Mac & Christiana Cinn

Abigail Mac is a hard working woman who suspects her wife, Christiana Cinn of cheating. Always happy to spend money, the bubbly brunette has been doing a lot of home renovations. Abigail bursts in and interrupts some kitsch work, scares off the contractor with a knife and takes Christiana into the bedroom. She puts a collar and leash on Christiana and accuses her of cheating with the contractor and basically being a bad little slut. The verbal harshness seems to turn her on and Abigail is happy to work her girl through her paces. Cristiana licks pussy and ass on command and the dirty talk never stops. Neither does the eye candy thanks to these two very sexy women. Abigail is right at home taking charge and when she grabs her strap on from her case, Cristiana knows she is in for the fuck of her life. After some nice looking doggy, she sucks the dick clean before mounting up in reverse cowgirl. The toy play is fantastic, but Abigail is not about to let her wife get away without eating the fuck out of that horny pussy of hers. This scene is really hot.

Aidra Fox, Kenzie Taylor & Laney Grey

Laney Grey is home from college and upsetting Aidra Fox to no end. The naked sunbathing is just too much. Aidra is a happily married woman and goes out to confront the lovely young coed. Kenzie Taylor comes home and thinks she sees more going on than should be. Not one to be so easily deterred Laney sneaks into the house and gives Aidra a massage. When she discovered who is actually rubbing her shoulders, Aidra tries to resist. It is not use however and right on schedule, Kenzie comes home and catches them. Angry at first, Kenzie comes around when Laney describes in detail all of the things she can do around the house if they just let her stay. There is plenty to enjoy on her hot, young, natural body. Aidra does down while Kenzie hangs her huge tits in young Laney’s face. They find the curious coed to be more than willing to please. The married couple tag team that young pussy with a double dose of lesbian lip loving. Laney makes sure to get some anal play in there as well, licking Aidra’s backside while Kenzie handles the front. Lots of great eye candy as they add some young, pretty spice to their marriage.

Gia Dimarco & Karla Kush

Karla Kush is grieving the loss of her husband in the glare of the paparazzi. As soon as she goes into her house, the tears stop and she starts making out with Gia Dimarco. It seems the two have been having an affair and are only too happy to celebrate Karla’s newfound freedom with a Sapphic romp in the hay. There is a lot of kissing as they take their time getting undressed. Once they do get naked, the action picks up quickly. Karla attacks Gia’s pussy like she is trying to pull her kidneys out through her slit. Her intensity is fun to watch and Gia can’t seem to keep the blonde’s mouth off of her pussy no matter how she moves around throughout the scene. She has to push her away from 69 to get a shot at Karla and then she goes in with the same intensity. This is some really hot action that ends with Karla again doing the oral work and shaking her ass as she does. Holy crap this woman is on fire.


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