Cheer Squad Sleepovers 33

Cheer Squad Sleepovers 33

Movie Type: Feature
165 Mins
Girlfriends Films

THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Tattooed Girls, Thin Girls, Tiny Tits, Natural Tits, Cheerleaders
STARS: Audrey Miles, Scarlet Fall, Kasey Warner, Kyler Quinn, Charlotte Sins, Alex De La Flor, Kiara Cole, Diana Grace


This long-running series has been one of my favorite lines from Girlfriends Films. Like so many of their other lines, it features girl/girl sex that is nicely shot, paced for eroticism and ultimately pretty hot. It often features the younger girl with an older woman dynamic. At times it focuses more on teammates having fun with each other. This changes things up from time to time. These scenes usually give the audience the most costume appeal as squad members get a chance to play together in and out of their uniforms. Interestingly enough, this scene features mostly cheerleader on cheerleader action, but almost not uniform footage in sight. In fact, the final scene seems to have dressed up the sets with cheer uniforms just to cover that base. With the squad element relegated to mostly storytelling, the movie lacks that punch. It does feature a cast of women who really enjoy what they are doing and that certainly helps a great deal. The cast is mostly pretty if you are like very thin, rather heavily tattooed women. This isn’t my favorite movie in the series, but it is still pretty solid and the Scarlet Fall/Kyler Quinn scene is definitely a highlight.

Kasey Warner & Audrey Miles

There are big changes coming for the squad. Audrey Miles is leaving for a job at a bigger school and her position is being taken by Scarlet. Before she leaves, Audrey wants to spend some quality time with Kasey Warner and mend some fences. Nothing heals so quickly as a little bit of hot girl on girl love. The two brunettes feign interest in painting for about three seconds before kissing. Kasey is very cute and focuses her attention on Audrey’s stiff nipples. Working her way down, the pretty cheer captain gives her friend a goodbye licking she won’t forget. Buffering swapping spots, they kiss again. Swinging on top of Kasey, Audrey munches pussy in 69. They are both very into the action here and Kasey looks rather fetching riding her teammate’s face.

Scarlett Fall & Kyler Quinn

Having seen their coaches getting it on, Scarlett Fall and Kyler Quinn try to process what they have seen. Both admit to having seen something similar in lesbian porn, but trying it seems like quite a leap. They start kissing and the overhead shot is really cool. Their kissing is tentative at first, but builds nicely. This is a very sexy touch that adds a layer of realism and eroticism to the proceedings. They progress slowly to nipple sucking and feeling their way towards more intimate love making. Feeling their way through it, the pretty teammates are anxious to explore each other with inexperienced tongues. I especially like the way Kyler looks bent over getting eaten by Scarlett.

Alex de la Flor & Charlotte Sins

Alex de la Flor is the “best flyer in the state” and Charlotte is super happy to have her as a girlfriend. The squad competition for hottest couple seems to have these two in the early lead. Their hot kissing sends the other two girls to the bedroom (Where I am sure we will see them later). The bathroom counter seems like the perfect place to take their make out session to the next level. This is pretty good, but some of the hottest action comes on the floor. Alex straddles her girlfriend’s thigh and grinds away as they kiss. If you like very thin, heavily tattooed girls going down on one another then you will enjoy this. They finish with 69 and then Alex sitting on her girl’s face for several minutes

Dianna Grace & Kiera Cole

The other two squad members, Kiera Cole and Dianna Grace are not going to allow the love birds in the other room to be the only cheerleaders to express their desires physically. These two are thin, without a lot of ink and their play includes some gently licking that turns to tickling. It looks like someone forgot that this was a cheerleading movie and put some uniforms around them to throw us back to that theme. The slow kissing is interesting and there is a lot of focus on areas other than the usual. Of course they find their way to each other’s pussies and really get to work. They 69 and gently rub their bodies against one another. There are some nice shots of the blonde babe riding her friend’s face. I think this squad is going to be just fine so long as the relationships stay strong.

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